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  • BenRG

    It's amazing how many questions Naughty Dog were able to raise with a single 4-minute video wasn't it? Especially as most of it was a music video! Anyway, I've been thinking (probably a bit too hard) about the The Last of Us Part II Reveal Trailer and I have a few thoughts that I'd like to share with you.

    WARNING - This blog post will contain spoilers for The Last of Us, Left Behind and the reveal trailer for The Last of Us Part II

    Not 'The Last of Us - American Daughter' or 'The Last of Us - Ellie's Vendetta' or anything like that. 'The Last of Us, Part II'. Neil is telling us that this is not a sequel, it is a direct continuation, time skip or no. We are following on from the end of the original game to follow Ellie and Joel's personal and joint j…

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  • BenRG

    Okay, so my novelisation of The Last of Us has started to go up. You can get it via my homepage.

    Be warned - I've got a wordy narrative style and like writing out action scenes in detail sometimes. So, it isn't exactly a casual read. There is also going to be a lot of my personal interpretation of the characters and their relationships but... well, that's what fan-fiction is all about, isn't it?

    BenRG - Not sure if he dreads or longs for Episode VII (talk) 17:52, August 9, 2015 (UTC)

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  • BenRG

    Right now, I'm in the process of writing a fan-fiction that is, basically, a novelization of the story portion of the game; I've never seen one done 'straight' (i.e. no self-inserts and the like). However, I have run up against a creative block and I'd be interested to have everyone's input.

    Should I write it strictly to the story or should I do something that I've been thinking about for a while. Should I rewrite it with Tess not getting infected in the museum. I can see both options having both its positives and its negatives. I truly haven't decided what I want to do so please let me know what you think is best.

    Thanks for your input! I'll let everyone know if/when I start publishing with another Blog post.

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  • BenRG

    A feature I'd like in any future TLoU game is a sandbox on-line multi-player world. In this, you could find your own path and adventure. One aspect of this would be character creation. I suggest that this should be based around six distinct character classes around which you could form your character. These would have several basic skills and would reward developing and equipping the character in a certain way.

    My suggested classes are:

    1. Sniper - Long-range fighter but generally weak or at least hesitant at hand-to-hand; also acts as a scout; Load-out is biased to long-range weapons like the Scoped Hunting Rifle with only light close-range weapons;
    1. Skirmisher - A bit like Joel (and my future Ellie); a jack-of-all-trades with fairly balanced ski…
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  • BenRG

    TLoU2 Game Mechanic - Armour

    December 26, 2014 by BenRG

    I really think that Armour is an equipment option that could realistically be included in both a single-player campaign and multiplayer game based in The Last of Us universe.

    This would mostly be things you obtained from the black market in QZs or from trading posts and markets in secure settlements. For example:

    • Slum-Flak - Basically two-layer canvas clothing stuffed with things like cork panels and multiple layers of rag in between the layers. This has the effect of reducing the damage you receive from body hits from weapons by about a quarter and melee hits by about a half until it degrades after about eight or so hits;
    • Slum-Plate - Made up of bits of metal (like corrugated iron fencing), crudely shaped to fit around the body; it's heavy (and, …
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