This part gives advice on how to combat Survivors.

First off two things to describe what makes a Survivor different from a Infected, they use weapons, and are more intelligent.


If you want to sneak by a area full Survivors, throw a brick or bottle to make noise, this will distract them for you to sneak by, but be sure you check your surroundingd before throwing the item, you want to make sure they will gather so you won't run into any while you are trying to slip by unsee.

If you want to kill them, best you strangle them, you want to save your shivs for Clickers, but make sure that before you strangle your target is not close to others and you and the target are concealed to prevent dectection. Also when in dark areas make sure your flashlight is off so the light won't give you away.


Most of the time you will be forced to fight, stay in cover and use your ammo carefully, go for headshots if you can, don't stay in cover for too long otherwise they'll flank you or throw a Molotov or Bomb, and melee anyway you like.

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