This blog ( and a few others) is what i call advice for the Last of Us, i will be giving tips and advice on what's the best choices and ways you could do to get through the game, ranging from combating enemies and Factions as well.

This part explains the best combat advice aganist the Infected.

Alone ( meaning just one group of one infected type)


  • When using stealth, carefully strangle them ( don't waste shivs cause you'll need them for later ), be sure that when strangling you are not doing it in the open, it'll give you away.
  • If you have been dectected, just melee the runners, don't waste your bullets on them cause you'll need it for tougher battles.
  • Be sure you don't let the group overwhlem you, if they ganging up on you, immediately flee and quickly use a health kit if your low on health.


  • If possible, strangle the Stalkers, if not, use shivs.
  • When spotted, do not let them ambush you, Stalkers are the kind of enemy that are annoying because they interfere your combat aganist others.
  • Go after the Stalkers that are going to ambush you.
  • Much like Runners, just melee them.


  • Normally when you entered an area with Clickers, they are not aware of your presence yet.
  • Use bottles or bricks to make noise, this will distract them long enough for you slip by. Be sure to do this when a Clciker is blocking your exit of the area.
  • If you want to kill the Clickers, be sure you have plently of shivs on you ( unless you have the ability to use a shiv more than once you'll be fine.)
  • If the Clickers realize your presence, use guns and aim for the head, Clickers die faster through headshots like any other enemy.
  • Melee with items.
  • Keep moving when fighting.
  • Do not let them corner you.


  • Avoid their attacks, if the explosive part of the attack isn't enough, the spores that are released kinda act like a smokescreen and also damage you, get out if your in it.
  • Use your best items aganist them ( ex. Molotov Cocktails, Bombs, Shotguns etc)
  • Keep moving

Together ( Meaning a group of different types mixed together)

Runner & Stalkers

  • Dispose of the Stalkers first, then handle the Runners.

Runners & Clickers

  • Strangle the Runners, then shiv the Clickers.
  • If dectected, deal with the Clickers first, then handle the Runners.

Runners & Bloaters

  • Strangle the Runners, then handle the Bloaters

Stalkers & Clickers

  • Shiv them all.
  • Kill the Stalkers first before you handle the Clickers.

Stalkers & Bloaters

  • Dispose the Stalkers before handling the Bloaters
  • Switch back and forth when fighting. ( ex. weaken a Bloater,  go kill a Stalker, and then go back to finish the Bloater.)

Clickers & Bloaters

  • Shiv the Clickers, then kill the Bloaters
  • Much like the Stalkers, switch back and forth when fighting.

Final words: if there is ever a moment you fight all types at once, my only advice is good luck and using your best items.

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