This final part explains the best advice i can give in Factions.

1.Organize your loadouts smartly, until you can get more loadout points you can put addition upgrades on your weapons or on your survival skills.

2.When playing, try not run, stay crouched or jog, you should only run to escape a fight that's not going so well for you.

3.Stick close to your teammates, and if they have mics, you can formulate plans together.

4.Craft quickly and make sure you are in a safe place to do so.

5.Down your enemy quickly, if you shoot for too long others will pop up.

6.When using melee, make sure your enemy is caught off-guard, using your fist to down your is trickey which is why if you hit first when they're not expecting it they won't have enough time turn around and strike back. With items you have a better chance of wining the fight.

7.Use bombs wisely, don't throw them all the time they make perfect landmines when putting them down, do this near a corner, when turning the bomb as a good chance of dentonating and hitting the enemy.

8.Use Molotovs carefully, they are the best weapon to use, but try not to accidently kill yourself with it.

9.Smokebombs are perfect stealth, they don't have an warning icon like bombs do, when stunned, quickly move and either shiv or melee upgrade your enemy.

10.When wanting to revive teammates, be sure to go to the one that's closest to you, take out the attacker if there is one, then heal your teammate.

11.You should never do Executions, they leave you open when doing it, you should only do them if your victim is far from the group or if you have someone covering you.

12.Try not to use too much scrap, scrap can get you addition supplies at the end of the match.

That is all i have to say for Factions, i hope my blogs have been useful to everyone.

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