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  • I live in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • I was born on July 11
  • My occupation is Veteran gamer
  • I am Male
  • Bandicoot.95

    If there is a certain part that makes you scared ( like the hotel basement for example ), then here's cure for it: GET ANGRY. When i was doing the basement on normal mode for the first time i was ready to tackle that bloater, but the stalkers kept getting in the way, which kept frustrating me till that bloater got me. i was mad but i realized wasn't scared anymore. so if you get angry for a scary part, you won't have nothing to fear.

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  • Bandicoot.95

    This final part explains the best advice i can give in Factions.

    1.Organize your loadouts smartly, until you can get more loadout points you can put addition upgrades on your weapons or on your survival skills.

    2.When playing, try not run, stay crouched or jog, you should only run to escape a fight that's not going so well for you.

    3.Stick close to your teammates, and if they have mics, you can formulate plans together.

    4.Craft quickly and make sure you are in a safe place to do so.

    5.Down your enemy quickly, if you shoot for too long others will pop up.

    6.When using melee, make sure your enemy is caught off-guard, using your fist to down your is trickey which is why if you hit first when they're not expecting it they won't have enough time turn…

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  • Bandicoot.95

    This part details some crafting tips and general gameplay advice as well.


    When crafting be sure that you are not with enemies, you are a sitting duck when crafting, unless you feel confident that your allies will cover you long enough to craft something. If your crafting items are full, make something to make space to pick up more.

    Here's what i think what your inventory should consists of:

    • At least 2 Health kits
    • 1 or 2 Molotov's
    • A bunch of Shivs ( can't really say how many )
    • 1 or 2 Bombs
    • 1 or 2 Smoke Bombs.

    For Melee upgrades, i don't think they're really that necessary because they have one use, but if you plan on making a melee upgrade do it on a pipe, pipes are more durable than a plank or baseball bat, and will last you for a while.


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  • Bandicoot.95

    This part gives advice on how to combat Survivors.

    First off two things to describe what makes a Survivor different from a Infected, they use weapons, and are more intelligent.


    If you want to sneak by a area full Survivors, throw a brick or bottle to make noise, this will distract them for you to sneak by, but be sure you check your surroundingd before throwing the item, you want to make sure they will gather so you won't run into any while you are trying to slip by unsee.

    If you want to kill them, best you strangle them, you want to save your shivs for Clickers, but make sure that before you strangle your target is not close to others and you and the target are concealed to prevent dectection. Also when in dark areas make sure your fl…

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  • Bandicoot.95

    This blog ( and a few others) is what i call advice for the Last of Us, i will be giving tips and advice on what's the best choices and ways you could do to get through the game, ranging from combating enemies and Factions as well.

    This part explains the best combat advice aganist the Infected.

    Alone ( meaning just one group of one infected type)


    • When using stealth, carefully strangle them ( don't waste shivs cause you'll need them for later ), be sure that when strangling you are not doing it in the open, it'll give you away.
    • If you have been dectected, just melee the runners, don't waste your bullets on them cause you'll need it for tougher battles.
    • Be sure you don't let the group overwhlem you, if they ganging up on you, immediately f…

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