Twenty Years Later is the second of thirty-eight cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately five minutes long in length. Below is the complete transcription for this cutscene's spoken dialogue.

Dialogue Edit

[While Joel carries Sarah in his arms, two infected chase after them. However, they are all startled by gunshots. Sarah screams, and the infected behind them die]

Joel: [Looks behind and then back at Sarah.] It's okay baby. We're safe. We're safe.

[Camera shows a soldier, armed with a gun and mounted light in the distance]

Joel: [Stands up] Hey! We need help-

Solider: Stop!

Joel: Please, It's my daughter; I think her leg is broken.

Solider: [Points gun] STOP RIGHT THERE!

Joel: [Pauses] Okay... we're not... sick.

Solider: [Using radio] We've got two civilians in the outer perimeter, please advise.

Sarah: Daddy, what about uncle Tommy?

Joel: We're gonna get you to safety and go back for him, okay?

Solider: [over radio] Sir, there's a little girl. [Hesitates] But- [Pauses] Yes sir.

Joel: Listen, buddy, we've been through hell. Okay, we just need-

[The solider raises his gun and aims it directly at Joel and Sarah]

Joel: Oh shit...

[The solider pulls the trigger. Joel quickly turns and is shot in the side. Sarah screams and is thrown from Joel's arms. They both roll to the ground and Joel groans in pain. The solider hurries toward Joel and aims the gun at his head]

Joel: [Holding side and weakly extending his other arm] Please don't....

[The solider is suddenly shot in the head and collapses to the ground. Tommy enters the scene with his revolver still drawn and sees Sarah whimpering]

Tommy: Oh, no.

Joel: [Turns and crawls toward Sarah] Sarah?! [She whimpers in pain] Move your hands baby! [Sarah grabs Joel's shoulder in pain] I know, baby, I know! [Cringes] God! Listen to me, I know this hurts. You're gonna be okay baby! Stay with me! [Reaches down] I'm gonna pick you up! I know baby! I know it hurts! Come on baby! please! I know, baby! I know!

[Camera pans to Tommy, who watches in silence. The camera pans back to Sarah, who gives her final breath and dies]

Joel: Sarah!-Baby! [sniffs] Don't do this to me, baby. Don't do this to me, baby. Come on... [begins crying] N-no. No-don't...please. [sobs] Oh, god. Please. Please. Please don't do this to me.

[The The Last of Us original logo cuts to the screen. Opening credits appear with a montage of microscopic fungal growth in the background]

Reporter 1: [Voice] The number of confirmed deaths has passed two-hundred. The governor has called a state of emergency-

Reporter 2: [Voice] ...Hundreds and hundreds of bodies lining the streets-

Reporter 3: [Voice] Panic spread worldwide after a leaked report from the World Health Organization showed that the latest vaccination tests have failed.

President Barack Obama: [Voice] For with the bureaucrats out of power, we can finally take the necessary steps to pro-

Reporter 4: [Voice] Los Angeles is now the latest city to be placed under martial law!

Reporter 5: [Voice] All residents are required to report to their designated Quarantine-

Reporter 6: [Voice] Riots have continued for a third consecutive day and winter rations are at an all time low!

Reporter 7: [Voice] A group calling themselves the "Fireflies" have claimed responsibility for both attacks.

Reporter 8: [Voice] Their public charter calls for the return of all branches of government.

Reporter 9: [Voice] Demonstrations broke out following the execution of six more alleged fireflies.

Marlene: [Voice] You can still rise with us. Remember, when you're lost in the darkness... look to the light! Believe in the fireflies!

[The screen fades to black and "SUMMER" appears in bold white letters at the bottom right of the screen. The screen cuts to an older Joel, who is frightened awake by a knock on the door. "20 YEARS LATER" appear on the bottom right. As Joel groans and stumbles out of bed, another knock is heard]

Joel: [Annoyed] I'm coming! [Opening the door, Tess walks in]

Tess: How was your morning? [Walks toward table and fills a cup with liquor] Want one?

Joel: No. I don't... want one.

Tess: [Turns around, leaning on table] Well I have interesting news for you.

Joel: Where were you, Tess!?

Tess: [Glares] West-End district. Hey, we had a drop to make... [sips liquor]

Joel: [Walks closer to Tess] We. We had a drop to make. [Hands her a towel]

Tess: [Grabs towel] Well, you wanted to be left alone, remember? [Presses towel over bruised cheek]

Joel: So I'll take on guess; The, uh, whole deal went south and the client made off with our pills, is that about right?

Tess: [Chuckles] Deal went off without a hitch. [Pulls out cards from back pocket] Enough ration cards to last us a couple of months. Easy.

Joel: You wanna explain this? [Pointing to his own face]

Tess: I was on my way here, and I got jumped by these two assholes, alright? [Continues pressing on bruise] And yeah, they got a good few hits in but- Look, I managed!

Joel: [Exhales] Gimme that... [Grabs towel and begins aiding Tess' bruise] Are these assholes still with us?

Tess: [Chuckles] That's funny...

Joel: Did you at least find out who they were?

Tess: Yeah. Look, they were a couple of nobodies, [Grabs Joel's hand from her face] they don't matter. What matters... is that Robert. Fucking. Sent them.

Joel: [Taken aback] Our Robert?

Tess: He knows that we're after him. [Joel walks off] He figures he's gonna get us first?

Joel: [Tosses towel on the counter] That son of a bitch is smart.

Tess: [Scoffs and walks beside Joel] He's not smart enough... [whispers] I know where he's hiding.

Joel: [Disbelief] Like hell you do...

Tess: Old warehouse in Area 5. [Walks away and briefly shrugs] Can't say for how long through.

Joel: [Walks towards Tess] Oh, I'm ready now, yeah?

Tess: Oh, I can do now. [Both exit room]

[End cutscene]

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