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Biographical information
Other names Little brother, baby brother (by Joel)
Uncle Tommy (by Sarah)
Born Late 1980s
Texas, U.S.
Age(d) Early 40s
Status Alive
Affiliation(s) Fireflies (formerly)
Relatives Joel (brother)
Sarah (niece) †
Maria (wife)
Unnamed sister-in-law
Resides Austin, Texas, U.S. (formerly)
Jackson County, Wyoming, U.S.
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Race Caucasian-American
Nationality American
Hair color Dirty blond
Game information
Appears in The Last of Us
Voiced by Jeffrey Pierce
Mo-capped by Jeffrey Pierce
"My cause is my family now."
―Tommy talking to Joel

Tommy is a character who appears in The Last of Us. He is Joel's younger brother, Sarah's uncle, the husband of Maria and a former member of the Fireflies. He is voiced and mo-capped by Jeffrey Pierce.


Background & Early lifeEdit

Tommy grew up in Texas with his older brother Joel. He was also the uncle of Sarah, Joel's daughter. Tommy helped his brother, a single father, in looking after Sarah which included taking her to carnivals.

Events of The Last of UsEdit

The Outbreak Edit


Tommy during the outbreak.

Tommy first appears when he talks to his brother Joel on the phone, discussing the matter of Joel's job in architecture and a contractor, though the conversation is cut short when Joel hangs up. In the early hours of the morning the next day, Sarah finds Joel's cell phone, finding a concerned text message from Tommy asking "where are you? Call me!" and several missed calls from him.

He appears in person during the first moments of the cordyceps brain infection outbreak, picking up Joel and Sarah to get them to safety. The three drive through the town with a plan to get to the blockade that the military set up. They witness streets filled with newly infected Runners, people fearfully running through the streets and fires engulfing multiple buildings, After reaching Texas State Highway 71 they encounter a traffic jam which turns into mayhem when Infected start attacking the car in front of them. They quickly turn around, pursued by several Infected, and attempt a detour. Among the chaos, a vehicle crashes into the side of Tommy's car. They all survive the crash but Sarah's leg is broken, causing Joel to carry her and Tommy to cover them with Joel's revolver. Tommy manages to circle back for Joel and Sarah after being separated at a bar, just in time to save Joel's life from a soldier who preparing to execute him, but Sarah is shot in the abdomen. As Joel tries to apply pressure to Sarah's wound, he looks at Tommy, who responds with an uncertain, nervous stare. Indeed, Sarah dies in front of her uncle, in her father's arms.

Aftermath Edit

In the years following the outbreak, Tommy and Joel made their way to Boston, but the actions committed by the brothers in order to survive caused Tommy to suffer "nightmares from those years". Sickened by Joel's growing inhumane activities and the military's tyranny, he decided to join the Fireflies, after being convinced by Marlene. He was filled with hope that the world could get better, which led to an argument between him and Joel which ended with them parting ways, Tommy's last words to Joel being, "I don't ever want to see your goddamned face again."

He spent a long time with the Fireflies, even visiting the group's main research lab in the University of Eastern Colorado. Tommy eventually left the Fireflies after becoming disillusioned with their cause. Before he left, he informed Marlene she could rely on his brother if she was ever in need of assistance. He left a strong impression on her, causing her to remark years later "he was a good man".

Tommy eventually reached Jackson County, where he helped to make it into a safe haven. He married a woman named Maria and they become the leaders of the settlement while trying to get the generator fixed. The hydroelectric plant is under constant attack by bandits. For a few months Tommy traveled back to the brothers' hometown in Texas; most of their things were long gone, though he retrieved a slightly faded photo of Joel and Sarah at a soccer match.

2033 Edit

During the Fall of 2033, Joel and Ellie stumble upon a seemingly abandoned power plant in Jackson City while trying to find Tommy. To their surprise, Tommy, Maria, and many of their men were trying to get the power plant up and running again to power their settlement electricity.

Tommy greets his brother with open arms and welcomes him into the plant, introducing him to Maria. After showing Joel around and getting the power back on, Joel gives Tommy the information regarding Ellie's immunity to the CBI, expecting Tommy to heed to his order to take over the delivery of Ellie. Due to leaving the Fireflies and their cause behind him and the danger of the journey, Tommy refuses to deliver Ellie to the group, realizing that Joel hasn't changed since he last saw him. An argument ensues, in which Joel indirectly insults Tommy's community and the memories of their dark past resurface, leading to Joel violently shoving his brother, but they are interrupted by a bandit attack.

Tommy, with help from Joel and some of his men, fends off the attackers. Tommy reconsiders his decision to take Ellie to the Fireflies' lab after seeing her interactions with Joel. Maria is understandably upset when Tommy tells her this, knowing that she may end up being a widow if Tommy made even one mistake.

Joel and Tommy

Joel and Tommy hug upon seeing each other again for the first time in years.

Before he can leave with Ellie, she steals a horse and runs away. Joel and Tommy give chase and find her at an abandoned ranch, where they are attacked by more bandits. They fight their way out and arrive back at the plant, where Tommy shows them how he has turned Jackson County into a small fortified town, now with electricity, enabling the children to watch television. Joel tells Tommy he will take Ellie and Tommy can go back to Maria. Tommy tells them that the Fireflies' lab is in the University of Eastern Colorado. As Joel is about to leave with Ellie, he offers them both sanctuary in his town, saying there is always a place for Joel. Joel doesn't answer, giving the impression of acceptance, and instead bids Tommy farewell before riding off.

Months later, after Joel rescues Ellie from the Fireflies in Salt Lake City, they return to Jackson County, intending to live in Tommy's settlement. When Joel does return, Tommy accepts them as he promised, giving them a room each but has them working on fortifying the defenses while they live there. He introduces Joel to a women named Esther, Joel believing that he intends to have them "hitched".


Tommy was with Joel for the initial years after the outbreak and aided him in ambushes and raids. It is also very likely that Tommy himself had killed innocent people, as he claims to still suffer nightmares from the years he spent with Joel and all the horrible things they did. Tommy has been seeking redemption for his past crimes by helping Maria build safe havens and communities throughout Wyoming. He cares about those under his charge and puts their well-being before his own.

Like Joel, Tommy has a short temper, but his is much quicker to diffuse than that of his brother, due to him being generally more sympathetic. Tommy becomes frustrated when Joel brings up his past and blames him for most of it, indicating that Joel may have helmed a lot of their activities. However, he is surprisingly quick to forgive his brother when they meet again after many years, and despite being more averse to violence, he is fearless, capable when he has to be and still loves and cares for his brother Joel.

Tommy, in contrast to Joel, tends to be reasonably optimistic, believing he can make things better with caution and hard work, and thus is not plagued with the same unrelenting pessimism and apathy that his brother harbors. This is his impetus for joining the Fireflies at one point, as well as why he leaves them to build a new safe haven. He prioritizes his family, declining Joel's offer to take the profit from Ellie's deliverance in favor of his new family with Maria. It's rather symbolic that he married the leader Maria, emphasising how he views the community just as (if not more) important than family blood. However, after seeing his own brother act affectionately towards a strange young girl, he sympathizes with Joel and changes his mind, wanting to spare him the pain he suffered years before, displaying how selfless he is.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Tommy appears to be quite skilled with handguns even before the outbreak, as he kills many Infected in the first portion of the game with Joel's gun. He was also skilled in physical combat, able to kill a Runner by hitting it with a brick, and even kicked one to the floor despite it grappling Joel. Tommy also displayed great strength, able to force a door shut despite several Runners pushing against it.

20 years later, he appears proficient with a hunting rifle against bandits. He also possesses good leadership abilities, as he helps create and drive a new, non-violent community forward, being very respected within this group, while proceeding with enough caution to keep the place in check. This also offers him protection as the settlers would protect him from anyone with hostile intent, even Joel.



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