• I use the Enforcer and perks Explosion Expert 2, Reviver 1, Covert Training 2 and Gunslinger 2. Since I've settled on this loadout my K/D ratio has rocketed from 1.16 to 1.27 in approx. 8 'faction weeks'. Granted each loadout has to suit the playstyle of the gamer and this suits me to a tee. The bigger explosions are an obvious bonus, quicker reviving even by just a couple of seconds is the difference between life and death, the covert training means I start with a shiv and don't need to waste parts crafting one and can instead use them to create a melee 2x4 weapon plus I can sneak up on enemies or even get away easier when outnumbered, lastly doubling my bullets when I have just the one gun is a no-brainer!

    An added bonus of the one gun means earned parts are spent on just that and armour, rather than being split between two guns and armour. Anyone who has used the Enforcer knows that it is powerful and quick with great range - it's a force to be reckoned with!

    So... who else goes one gun?

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