• There is going to be plenty of theories and headcanons produced and killed over the next 2-3 years until the game is finally released. However, that isn't what I want for this thread. Rather, let's have a thread that is exclusively for substantive (or at least new) updates.

    Here's one. Ashley has Tweeted a brief video of her doing some Performance Capture work for the game. Does this mean that we can expect Ellie to have a new default knife? Given the length of the baton she's using, I'm thinking it's going to be a bowie knife or something similar!

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    • Reckon that should belong on the Part 2 page? ^_^

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    • I think that we should keep the Part II article for substantive updates only (plot, characters, confirmed gameplay elements). Stuff like Ashley's video serves as real information but not significant enough to really justify updating the main article.

      What I'm suggesting is that this thread be the buffer where all updates land and from which we can parse stuff to put into the article.

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    • Alrighty, good idea 8)

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    • I'm not sure if this really classfies as an update but it certainly deserves inclusion somewhere. Feel free to move it elsewhere if necessary.

      Neil Druckmann: My next PS4 project will explore the religious idea of destiny; choice and "everything happens for a reason"

      This interview was post-Uncharted 4 so this is almost certainly pointing towards the broader themes of TLoU Part II. It's just a hint really but, as several commentators have noted, it ties in nicely with an exploration of the questions raised by the end of the first game. Was Ellie meant to die to save the world? Did Joel break her destiny? Or did he make sure that she could achieve her true destiny, whatever it is going to be?

      Combine that with 'this is a game about hate' and mix well!

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    • Hmm it certainly links in with David's philosophy and Marlene's belief in determinism. Certainly seems likely 8)

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    • Neil has released some photos from the Performance Capture set:

      Read a report here!

      So, we know that there are going to be horseback riding scenes and that Shannon Woodward's new character will have a machete as a melee weapon at least at one point in the game.

      (I really think that we need to start a workshop page to assemble Snannon's cast-member entry in the wiki)

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    • Neil and Hayley have been busy teasing us fans with some tweets from the mocap coalface:

      Mocap Non-Speaking Roles (Seriously!)

      I know that Naughty Dog take realism seriously but to mocap an animal to get the walking algorithm right is above and beyond the call of duty!

      Please... tell me that isn't Ellie's pet! :-s

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    • Maybe it's Ellie's pet like Ellie was David's pet.

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    • Release Update

      According to Gadgets 360, the release of TLoA Part II has been moved forward to the end of 2018 on the Sony official Swedish Facebook page (link in article). Could we be seeing Ellie and Joel return as soon as Black Friday? Or even on 10/23, the actual in-universe aniversary of the Outbreak?

      Meanwhile, there is a canine character in the game. Could this be a Dogmeat-like companion character for Ellie? If so, given Ellie's demonstrated inadequate skill in naming animal companions, one shudders to think what she will name the poor mutt!

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