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    12:23, January 27, 2018

    i don't now if this qeustion has been asked allready       but why have the devs never made it available for PC players?   i think the devs are realy missing a opportunity here

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    • If I remember right, it was developed as a Playstation exclusive, so we're unlikely to see it ported to other platforms any time soon, if ever.

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    • Sony own PlayStation, so why would they allow something they published to be released on another platform? It'd be like Halo being on PS4.

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    • by making a playstation only game that is denying people to play this game and it's denying you to make money.  i just don't get that, if i would to make a game i want as many people playing it, right? 

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    • Not really, your logic isn't really understanding the whole point of a business model. Sony own PlayStation and Naughty Dog is owned by Sony. Why would they allow one of their own companies to utilise their talents and make a game for their rivals Microsoft? It's all about sales these days, TLOU being a PlayStation exclusive more or less gurantees more PlayStations being sold. Sony are near enough swimming in money as it is, seeing as they sell things like headphones and TVs.

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    • i think i got your point but i still don't agree with the way it's done i already own a ps3 but if i didn't i would not have bought myself a ps just so i can play a TLOU  that would be a pretty damn expensive game than   so i wonder if any body would have 

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    • Ijsthee wrote:
      why have the devs never made it available for PC players? 

      Because in crapitalism, the good of the many is outweighted by the good of the rich.

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