• I'd like to know what you guys would think about a full sized prequel game to The Last of Us

    taking place within the first 4/5 weeks of the outbreak. With the finale taking place during the bombing of Boston where Joel and the remaining people in his group race to the safety of the Boston Quarantine zone. Not to mention learning how Joel first met Tess when she was a highschool teenager.

    What are your ideas on what the prequel should be like?  :D

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    • Wait a second. How would you know that Joel met Tess while she was a highschool teenager...  Do you have nay source for this information???

      And i don't think that they would make a prequel. Naughty Dog always tries to make the secong game better than the first. And it would be nearly impossible to make an as interesting story sa in the first part when the players already know what will happen to the main character.     But i would definetily enjoy a prequel.

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    • I find it weird too. Theres no way Joel knows Tess before the outbreak.

      However i can appreciate a short biography of Joel's life before the outbreak. I think its a good idea.

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