• Can I select the chapter that I want to play in , then collect missed books, notes, manuals etc?

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    • I don't think so. But after you beat the game you can look at all the chapters but I don't think you can revisit them. You can create like a million saves on your ps3 and you can go back that way, lol. 

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    • Actually I Think you can... I Think I Beat the Game 1st thn Replayed Bill's Stage because I Missed a Few Items. Not to Sure if you Replay a Stage whn you haven't Finished if they will Start you Over as if Its your 1st Run & take bck the Items you've already Collected Frm your Previous Game Play. But, I'm still Not Sure lol Popped dat Game Months Ago & haven't Touched it Since... (Things are a bit Fuzzy lol) I'm jus Waitin on the Dlc these Days lol

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