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The stash that is refered in the stash note before the hotel.

  • Well I found that note and it says: "It goes down tonight. We're going to take the Eastern Checkpoint. I've stashed some extra supplies at the Regal Apartments. It's marked with a red X.". Did anyone found this stash? Or it's just for you to have false hopes???Sorry for my bad english I am portuguese

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    • I found it the second time i played the story... But i don't remember where it was (sorry).

      But it's definitely there...

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    • (Right after the Scene with Joel & Ellie enter the Area) It's on your Left side Next to the Bus Stop where there's a Movie Poster. Same side as the Coffie Shop (Just stick close to the Wall you'll find it) Oh & you'll need a Shiv to Open the Door.

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