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The Tactical Shotgun is a weapon in The Last of Us multiplayer.

General InformationEdit

A shotgun with unusually tight spread, the tactical shotgun is a two shot kill weapon up to medium range. Its default magazine comes with three shells, and rate of fire is fairly quick. It costs three loadout points to equip by default, making it a more expensive option than most other long arms, but cheaper than the standard shotgun. In exchange, however, it is one of the fastest-downing weapons within its effective range, provided that the user has good accuracy. Such range is also quite vast; it can still achieve a two shot down from a distance akin to the hunting rifle's ideal range.

Unless the player is firing the Tactical Shotgun, the aiming reticule will not grow in size when moving while aiming. This makes it great for potshots.

Upgrading the tactical shotgun does not increase its limited magazine capacity until the second level, increasing shell count by just one, making accurate fire important for effective use of the weapon. Sharpshooter can aid in increasing accuracy by reducing damage wobble.

Because of its limited shell capacity, the Tactical Shotgun works well with a good secondary. Although adding a silencer to this weapon is expensive due to the already high loadout point cost, the Tactical Shotgun is a great flanking weapon due to its fast downing time and decent range.


  • The Tactical Shotgun appears to be based off the real life FN Tactical Police.


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