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The Specter is a suppressed assault rifle that is exclusively available for the Factions MP multiplayer that comes with the DLC 'Grounded' bundle. 


At first glance, this gun is seemingly the best purchasable in the game. The weapon is fully automatic, comes with a suppressor, has the highest rate of fire out of all the weapons and a player gets 15 rounds in a 20 round magazine for a relatively cheap cost of 350 parts. The flaw of this weapon however is that it deals the weakest damage per bullet and the high spread of the fire means one is likely to miss most of their shots or use up a full magazine without getting the most efficient use out of it. It is best suited for stealth or flanking tactics thanks to its suppressor or for a close up attack on the enemy.

The specter is a 6 shot down to the body and 2 to the head. It compares most closely to the Assault Rifle, but with a suppressor, less damage, higher recoil, and a faster fire rate. While technically it takes roughly 9 bullets to down an armored opponent, this isn't always the case as missing with this weapon is very easy due to the very high rate of fire and high recoil. This makes equipping sharpshooter a wise choice if choosing to engage enemies in medium range combat; long range isn't a wise choice for this weapon. It also costs the same as the assault rifle, so it's effectively a silenced version of it. 

However, this weapon serves best in close range scenarios, especially if one equips Sharpshooter, as the fire rate means it is a guaranteed kill on par with the Shotgun and the Flamethrower. The rapid fire rate also effectively cancels melee attacks, saving a player's life if confronted by Machete or upgraded 2x4 users. It is also very useful in a stealth class since it is silenced and automatic so it adds firepower to the class without the need to spend a load out point on a silencer. It also costs the same as the Bow so it allows a player to decide whether they want to specialize in close range, which this gun excels at, or medium range scenarios, which the bow offers.


Firing Rate

Firing Rate

Reload Speed

Reload Speed







  • This weapon is based on the Israeli IMI Galil rifle.
  • This weapon is one of the few fully-automatic weapons in the game.


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