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The Shipping Manifest is the seventh collectible artifact that can be obtained during the chapter "The Quarantine Zone".


After Joel and Tess make their way through a metal garage door to the docks, they spot Robert speaking with one of his men. Joel and Tess then continue to hop over a brick railing down to the ground, where many of Robert's men patrol. Upon dropping down, all the way to the right is a metal railing between the water with a blue dumpster against it -- the artifact is on the ground behind it.


Note: All punctuation and capitalization are typed up as it appears in the game, when you choose to read it in text-form.

Damn soldiers spotted one of our ships. I
thought we were done for, but that Robert guy
knew one of them. He managed to bribe them
in return for letting us go. I guess he's good for
something. The son of a bitch can talk. It did
cost us a third of the cargo and I can't shake the
feeling that we've been had. How the hell did
they find us in that fog?

Anyways, here's what we managed to bring in:

2 crates of clothes (some new pairs of jeans!)
1 crate of toilet paper
2 crates of frozen meat (more Canadian Bison!)
1 crate of liquor

Related DialogueEdit

Upon picking up the note, Joel will comment:

Joel: This guy's wheeling and dealing with everyone in town.

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