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Scoped Burst Rifle
Weapon Icon
General Information
Weapon type Large Firearm
Weapon upgrade(s) Silencer
Unlock Buying the Scoped Weapons Bundle
Used by Fireflies, Hunters
Fire rate Bars-6
Reload speed Bars-4
Damage Bars-3
Accuracy Bars-5
Body damage 22%
Head damage 60%
Destroy armor 3 shots
Execution 3 shots

The Scoped Burst Rifle is a weapon that appears in The Last of Us and exclusively to the multiplayer mode, Factions MP, as a part of the Scoped Weapons Bundle. It belongs to the large firearm group and is a scoped version of the Burst Rifle. But now that the Burst Rifle is scoped, it is effective at longer ranges that the Burst Rifle could barely excel. The scoped burst rifle also has dramatically less recoil than its un-scoped version. In turn, however, the scope reduces the player's field of vision and makes the Burst Rifle not as effective at very close ranges. Though it is hard to kill at close ranges, it is not impossible.


  • This weapon functions similary to the G-MAL from Uncharted 3.

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