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Scavenger (skill) is a Survival Skill in The Last of Us, available as a part of the Situational Survival Skills Bundle. The description reads: "Automatically pick up ammo and supplies and see increases in drops from enemies with this valuable skill. At level 3 enemies sometimes drop a random crafting ingredient."

Skill InformationEdit

Level 1 (2 loadout points)- Enemies drop 50% more ammo.

Level 2 (4 loadout points)- Automatically pick up ammo and supplies from kills and enemies drop double the ammo.

Level 3 (5 loadout points)- Enemies sometimes drop a random crafting item, and automatically pick up ammo and supplies from kills and enemies drop double the ammo.

General InformationEdit

This skill is highly useful with weapons that have high ammo consumption and/or low damage, as without it ammo depletion is a constant worry.

Scavenger is a natural pairing with Crafter and especially its level 2 and 3 variants. Scavenger allows a player on the winning team to still have a steady supply of craftables despite poorer loot box drops, and conversely allows losing players to gain an even bigger advantage in craftables to supplement their better loot box drops.

Together with Lucky Break, Scavenger can help ensure that players have a steady stream of crafting materials throughout a match.

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