What do you think? They beat the shit out of him and dragged him off. Haven't heard from him since.
— Ronnie discussing the whereabouts of Mark with his friend

Ronnie is a minor character in The Last of Us. He is a resident within the Boston Quarantine Zone, seen speaking with another man.


Background & Early lifeEdit

Not much is known about Ronnie's life before the outbreak. He appears to be in his late 20s to early 30s, implying that he was only a child when the virus begun. He currently resides in the Boston Quarantine Zone and is acquainted with Mark and another unnamed man.

Events of The Last of UsEdit

As Joel and Tess make their way to confront Robert during the chapter "The Quarantine Zone", Ronnie and another man can be seen leaning against a wall near a Boston Q.Z. checkpoint. They both discuss a man named Mark who was trying to use fake ration cards and was caught by the Military.

If Joel walks near them and listen in on their conversation, Ronnie will act aggressive against him, calling him an asshole. His friend will try and avoid the hostility and eases Joel that they do not want any trouble.

Appearance and DesignEdit

Ronnie is a dark-skinned American who appears to be in his late 20s to early 30s. He has black, combed-back hair and a light stubble, with a scar above his left eye. He wears a grey shirt with a black jacket, dark grey jeans, and brown boots. He can be seen folding his arms and leaning against a wall, not far away from one of the Boston Q.Z. checkpoints.


Unnamed manEdit

Ronnie can be seen speaking with an unnamed African-American man, whom he seems to be on good terms with. If Joel listens in on their conversation, Ronnie will say "Hey asshole, what are you looking at?", which prompts the man to say in a hostile tone to Ronnie: "Shut the fuck up, man."


Ronnie appears to be friends with Mark, implying that he defended him and his family when the unnamed man called him a "fucking idiot" for getting caught using fake ration cards. He seems to be aware of his actions and what goes on with him, meaning that Ronnie could be close friends and usually acquaint with him.


As Ronnie and his friend are discussing the whereabouts of Mark, Joel can approach them and listen to their conversation. After they're done talking, Ronnie will aggressively comment towards Joel saying "Hey asshole, what are you looking at?". His friend will comment "Do you know who that is?", which may determine that Ronnie has never met nor knows who Joel is, yet is keenly hostile towards him nonetheless.


Unnamed man: Where's Mark at?
Ronnie: You didn't hear? They caught him trying to use fake ration cards.
Unnamed man: Jesus, what'd they do?
Ronnie: What do you think? They beat the shit out of him and dragged him off. Haven't heard from him since.
Unnamed man: Oh, fucking idiot. Should've known better.
Ronnie: He's got a family. What's the guy gonna do?
Unnamed man: Yeah, how's that working out for him now?
Ronnie: Hey asshole, what are you looking at?
Unnamed man: Ronnie, shut the fuck up, man. Hey Joel, we're not looking for trouble, okay?
Joel: No harm, no foul.
Unnamed man: What the hell's wrong with you? Do you know who that is?
Ronnie: Whatever man.


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