Reviver is a Survival Skill in The Last of Us.

Skill informationEdit

Level 1 (1 loadout point)- Revive fallen teammates 30% faster and with 20% more health; without the perk, it takes roughly five seconds to revive a downed teammate and they come back with two bars of health.

Level 2 (3 loadout points)- Revive fallen teammates 45% faster, revive them with 25% more health, and get 25% more Parts from revives.

Level 3 (4 loadout points)- Revive fallen teammates 55% faster, revive them with 30% more health, and get 50% more Parts from revives.

General informationEdit

Reviving can be a dangerous business, as downed teammates are often very close to enemies. Reviving teammates faster prevents the likelihood of the enemy team from capitalizing on the vulnerability of both the reviver and the downed player during the reviving process by speeding up revival time, as well as giving the revived player more health. The higher level variants of Reviver also grant more parts; this effect stacks with those of the increased part earnings booster and the Collector skill.

Reviver synergizes well with those teammates using the DLC-only Fortitude skill, which increases the bleed-out time, health, and crawling speed of downed users. It also works well with the First-Aid Training skill, as freshly revived players are always in need of healing.

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