Pistol Auto-Zoom is a Survival Skill in The Last of Us.

Skill informationEdit

Level 1 (1 loadout point) - Zoom in while aiming a 9mm, Revolver, Enforcer, or Burst Pistol

Level 2 (2 loadout points)- Zoom in further while aiming a 9mm, Revolver, Enforcer, or Burst Pistol

General informationEdit

Pistol auto-zoom increases the zoom level of aiming when wielding a pistol. While it does help with acquiring targets at longer range, it does not increase the accuracy of the pistol itself (by tightening the reticule); only upgrades can improve pistol accuracy. Increasing magnification of pistols naturally also decreases users' field of vision. Pistol Auto-Zoom is less useful on the Burst Pistol, particularly on lower upgrade levels: the high spread of the burst at longer ranges make the burst pistol naturally unsuitable to medium-long range combat regardless of zoom level.

Pistol auto-zoom works well with the DLC-only Gunslinger and Scavenger skills, allowing for more generous use of pistols by increasing starting available ammo.

Using Pistol Auto-Zoom can amplify the visual recoil of weapons with particularly heavy kick, especially the Revolver. This can make follow up shots difficult to place.

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