The following is a list of official post-release patches released by Naughty Dog for The Last of Us.

Patch 1.01Edit

The game was first patched on its release day, June 14th 2013. In-depth details of the patch have not been revealed, but Naughty Dog have described it as "minor launch tweaks". It is 46 MB in size.[1]

Patch 1.02Edit

Patch 1.02 was released on June 28th 2013. It provided multiple updates and optimizations for the game's multiplayer, as well as a single change to single-player.[2]

Single-player changesEdit

  • Texture of a phone number on a bulletin board changed. The phone number previously displayed was that of a sex hotline, the inadvertent inclusion of which was described as an "honest mistake" by creative director Neil Druckmann.[3]

Multiplayer changesEdit

  • Improved host migration.
  • A general crash that could occur when leaving multiplayer is fixed.
  • The intro camera is fixed for some introductory cut-scenes
  • Connectivity issues while playing have been tuned.
  • Disconnecting or losing connection to the host will no longer advance a clan day. Clan days will only be advanced if the player is kicked from a match or exits using the menu.
  • A bug that prevented "Explosion Expert - Level 2" from being selected is fixed.
  • The voting time for match selection is reduced to 15 seconds.
  • "No party" playlist options are added to both Supply Raid and Survivors - players can only join this playlist solo.
  • Melee against downed characters now uses the same range as normal melee.

Patch 1.03Edit

Single player changesEdit

  • Fixes for “It’s me” and “By any means” cinematics in the Cutscene Viewer.

Multiplayer changesEdit

  • New multiplayer mode, Interrogation, added.
  • Revive range has increased slightly (about 1 meter). It’s more difficult to accidentally crawl out of range when a teammate is reviving you now.
  • Players can prevent opponents from finishing Executions/Interrogations so that the opponent does not receive Parts for the special Execution/Interrogation. (The downed player will still lose their life, but this makes preventing Executions/Interrogations more helpful to your team as you prevent the other team from gaining Parts).
  • Matchmaking update: players should find opponents around their level of experience more often and teams should be balanced more evenly.
  • Item cache locations adjusted for balance on University, High School, Lakeside, and Downtown.
  • Starting cameras adjusted so they show your player with greater frequency.
  • Item cache disbursement tweaked so additional items are given out more fairly.
  • Winning a Survivors match by a count of 4 rounds to 0 now means your team will get more bonus parts for winning the match by that margin. This applies for games with scores of 4-1, 4-2, etc. as well. Rewards are tiered by how dominant your team is. This system is in place for Interrogation mode as well.[4]


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