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C8 - Negentropy
Cover image


C8 - Negentropy Back
Back image

Chapter Lakeside Resort
Section The Hunt
Book Number 8
Next Comic Precipitate
Previous Comic Free Radicals

Negentropy is the eighth issue of the comic book series Savage Starlight.


This comic must be found by playing as Ellie in Lakeside Resort. While escaping from David's men, Ellie will duck into a sewer pipe; on the other side, go up the steps to a small resting area with two green benches. The comic will be found on one of them.


On the back of the book, a blurb summarizes the contents of the comic.

With Captain Ryan's leadership and Daniela's technological expertise, the raids of the Last Watch have become ever more daring. As a scientist, can she bear to use her gifts for destruction?

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