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Molotov Cocktail
Weapon Type Explosive
First Found The Outskirts
upgrades available
Melee Upgrade Via crafting

- Molotov: Construction
- Molotov: Deployment

A Molotov Cocktail is an explosive weapon that appears in The Last of Us. It belongs to the explosives group.

Molotov Cocktails are created by binding an alcohol-soaked wick to the neck of a bottle of hard liquor. When the wick is lit and the Molotov is broken, it ignites and bathes the area in flames.


Story ModeEdit

Crafting a Molotov Cocktail requires the same ingredients as a Health kit; a rag and alcohol.

Perhaps the single most effective weapon available, they instantly kill any enemy, except for a Bloater, with a single hit. They do render Bloaters susceptible to other weapons by burning away their thick fungus armor, and as a thrown weapon they do not give away one's position. Additionally, screaming enemies will draw other Infected to their position. Any enemy which comes in contact with the pool of fire shortly after the Molotov explodes catch fire and die instantly, making the Molotov a useful area denial weapon. 


The same ingredients plus binding are needed to make a Molotov. The Molotov instantly kills unarmored enemies via direct contact, even with full health, but lucky armored opponents with quick reflexes a few meters outside the marked blast radius can survive a Molotov. If the enemy is close enough to the point of impact or injured enough, they skip "downed" mode altogether and are instantly executed, making it arguably the deadliest weapon in Factions. However, a Molotov doesn't seem to down an armored enemy which has full health with a direct hit; an indirect hit can still down.

It moves quickly upon being thrown, and unlike the Nail Bomb, the Molotov detonates on impact. If the thrower is at a relatively short distance and throws a Molotov with the enemy in the center of the radius, it moves fast enough to not give the enemy enough time to escape.

Molotovs are inappropriate for stealth, as the glow from the lit rag can give away players' positions even if they are behind cover or otherwise out of sight. Molotovs benefit from the Explosion Expert skill by having their area of effect increased.

Molotovs can cause suicides if thrown too close to the player's position. The burn damage left on the ground can be exploited by enemies using the Awareness skill to locate users.


  • The radius of the weapon is very big (Regardless that the radius display is small, players outside the radius are still going to be burned, and even if very far away, the foe will get damaged).
  • Molotovs can be used to execute accurate, slow throws or quick throws (L1 + R1 or R1 only)
  • In Factions MP, one Molotov has the potential to down even armored targets, though this is rare. 
  • Enemies that are hit with a Molotov and are within the marked green radius are downed and executed altogether. 


  • Is really easy for this weapon to backfire on you if you don't use it carefully.
  • When the player is holding one of these, it will cause a sharp lightening effect around, warning foes of its prescience, this can lead to being spotted by the enemy or the enemies evading/running away from you and your Molotov.


  • The Molotov was first seen in the E3 stage demo where Joel crafted a Molotov Cocktail and ignites it to kill a hostile survivor in an abandoned hotel.
    • In the PAX Prime demo, an enemy barely misses Joel with a Molotov, forcing him to charge at Joel, who kills him with his revolver.
    • In the E3 2012 demo, Ellie seems to be disturbed by Joel using the Molotov on a hunter, as upon seeing the burned body she says "Holy shit, Joel". Joel responds by saying "Keep it together".
    • This weapon is named after the prime minister of the Soviet Union during the Second World War, Vyacheslav Molotov.



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