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  • I replied. If you don't agree, then that's that.

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    • You didn't give a good reason, so I can't say I'm done with this.

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    • A good reason for what? I know the difference. Do you understand how a comparison works? I was comparing DLC and the game in the fact that they both tend to go down in price over time, not saying that they're literally the same thing in every way. If I say something like "her eyes are really blue, like the ocean," are you gonna go on a long explanation of how a person's eyes are not, in fact, the literal ocean? ffs man. The map pack is now free, you seriously need to get over it.

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  • Hi, I'm from the The Last Of Us One Night Live Epilogue post. Sorry to bother you, but I want to know if you recall anything of where you saw it (the Epilogue) because it would mean a lot to me.

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    • Sorry, I just casually said that, not thinking about obviously you would have already looked for it! I remember seeing it on tumblr. But I just tried to search it there and couldn't find it. It was probably taken down as well, or if it's out there, it's really hush hush and unmarked. Now I'm starting to question if I really did see it or if my mind is mixing it up with the still shot that was released and the rest of the performance that was streamed, which I watched. Ugh, sorry to have caused the trouble! Let me know if you're somehow able to find it, lol.

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    • Thanks for awnsering and I'll let you know if I find anything :)

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    • Okay this was making me crazy so I actually ended up messaging a user on tumblr who would definitely have seen such a video (it's where I would have seen it at least) and it looks like I was misremembering :( . I must've been thinking of the rest of the performance or something. I'm sorry for all the confusion! I was so confident that I had seen it, though lol. 

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  • Hey, I was just rereading my posts in the sexism in the last of us thread and I just want to apologise, looking back on it I kind've acted out of order, sorry.

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  • OMG! Have you seen the new Season 4 trailer of Korra!? It looks freaken ahhhmaaaaazing!

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      Oh yeah, I definitely don't think that they originally planned on Korrasami from the beginning. Obviously, if all we had was the first season, all we'd have is Makorra. But as the seasons went on, in my opinion it seemed kind of forced with them trying to get Mako and Korra back together over and over again and I think they realized that these characters just didn't work that well as a couple. So they moved to something else in S3 and then obviously in the finale. Who knows what made them eventually settle on Asami, but maybe it was similar to Ellie and Riley in that they just organically kind of realized that these two characters had a chemistry that could make for an interesting romantic relationship. I don't really think they were doing it to appease shippers because they pissed off a lot of other shippers with this finale.

      I think with the scene with Mako, I think it's just showing that there's still maybe some tension there. He was her first love, so they're not going to be "over" eachother completely for a while, but I think that was them understanding that their relationship is now that of a devoted friendship type of deal, since the whole romance thing really didn't work out (multiple times.) They still love eachother without wanting to be lovers.

      Well, I don't think it was so much Korra just talking to Kuvira that defeated her, but Kuvira basically being humbled and brought back to earth, with the destruction of her giant mecha suit and a lot of her army. She wasn't a completely evil person- she thought what she was doing was for the right reasons. When Korra made her realize that she was craving control because of her own emotional scars, she realized what she had become. Now that I think about it, I like that more than her being defeated by being killed. But I do agree that the whole battle just didn't feel as epic as in TLA finale. Part of what made TLA final battle so great was that everybody, including minor past characters, got their chance to kick some ass. Here, it was a comparatively smaller operation and I just wanted a bit more.

      It would have been cool with her just being single in the end too. But at the same time, she's been (very much) alone for most of the last 3 years so I understand her being ready to embark on something new. And that's the thing- that last shot is the BEGINNING of them exploring a relationship together. They're just now starting. So it's not like there would be any grand indications of romance before then, ya know? But I agree that I would also be happy without the shipping altogether, but then again Avatar has just always had a heavy shipping component.

      I think that Korra tore open a new spirit portal, like it was her avatar powers that did it? I dunno, lol. I guess her opening the spirit portal is what saved them both from the explosion. 

      And that's true about the past lives, I guess they're just really gone, huh? I mean, what does that mean for future avatars? I guess the next one will just have a connection to Korra.

      AND YES WE GOT NO BOPAL CLOSURE that did dissappoint me. I mean, we know they're back together and all, but it would have been nice for them to have a moment. That's kind of what disappointed me a bit about the finale, it didn't feel like even important characters got real closure, whereas for some reason Prince freakin' Wu got a whole little conversation there. Like, Wu can be funny, but nobody cares, lol.

      I agree that Mako still obviously loves Korra, but I just didn't see them actually getting back together. I think I just assumed they would because I wasn't giving LOK enough credit, and was thinking they'd just do the more predictable thing. Like I said before, they love eachother and still have a connection, but I think at this point they understand that they don't work as a couple. I mean, they tried like 3 times to make it work. 

      And lol, I did get that from an article, I think from io9? I didn't mean to but I guess it adressed my hesitation at being all "Korrassami is canon" since it was a tad ambiguous. I mean, it is ambiguous in that it isn's spelled out for you, but I think the implication is strong enough that most people would get it. 

      As far as the stereotyping, Korra is clearly bisexual, not a lesbian. I don't think that it's really reinfocing a stereotype about feminine/masculine women since that would make Asami, a very feminine woman, bisexual as well. I honestly think it makes sense for a person like the avatar to have the openness and capability to be with people of any gender. 

      I feel like this post by Bryan would answer most of your questions. I especialy like the Miyazaki quote because it kind of illustrates the relationship Mako and Korra have now, in my opinion.

      Although I agree that overall korrassami wasn't perfectly excecuted, but I don't think it's as bad as you're making it out to be. 

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    • JuniperAlien wrote:
      MayonnEgg wrote:
      JuniperAlien wrote:
      Lol, why on The Last of Us? 

      But I saw it. I'm really happy about the ending. With something that I grew up so close to, I want to cry. 

      It's my wall, I do what I want! lol. 

      I'm sad to see it go, but I also kinda feel like, I'm ready for it to be over and for Bryke to move onto another, I'm sure, awesome project. It's been going for so long and we've all kinda grew up along with it, so it feels bittersweet but good. 

      Oh, I didn't even realize it was your wall. I thought it was a thread. Holy crap.

      I feel so rude. I'm really sorry.

      Lol it's okay! 

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  • Hey, I've already posted this on our Korra thread, but I just wanted to tell you that the 4'th season will already be premiering on October 3'rd :)

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  • So, i looked up what pansexual means, and it seems to describe my thoughts about Ellie.    However, it also said that pansexual people can be attracted to anything...   I don't think that she would be attracted to a 60 year old person or somebody very young...  What i am trying to say is that Ellie's romantical relationships are limited to people of her age.            Also, the term pansexual is also used for somebody feeling a sexual attraction towards animals and objects. So i don't think that Ellie is like that.

    Yeah, and i thing that Ellie is LGBT.

    First of all, i have to say that i do not have definite proof for anything, It's just how I feel that that is how Ellie feels.

    However, I do have a few thoughts about this.

    First of all, something that would indicate that she would be a lesbian, is that we really haven't seen her doing things with boys in American dreams and Left Behind. And we also knowthat Ellie got into fights with boys very often (and girls too for that matter). However, seing her and Sam i thought that Ellie doesn't dislkie boys. 

    And that is when i though that she simply dislikes people with a cocky/stupid behaviour. And it just happens to be that boys are more often like that than girls...

    Also, Ellie rarely showed any kind of immediate affection to anyone (except Sam maybe, but that was just because she hadn't had a friend since a long time). So Ellie never likes or dislkies people she doesn't know because of their gender/race/phisical appearance before she doesn't get to know them. To be completely fair, Ellie didn't have many friends... In the beginning of American Dreams Ellie was very unfriendly towards Riley even though Riley was trying to befirend her. Also, it looked like Ellie grew to like and love Riley over the course of many months. So she is definetily not the person to love or like someone because of their appearence.

    Overall, i think that Ellie is like that because she hasn't shown many tendencies towards any gender. However, you could argue that Ellie kissed Riley, but my thoughts are that Ellie just loved Riley because she has such a wonderful character and they got on so well. So the main reason for Ellie's affection towards her is her character, and she just happened to be a girl.

    PS: I think that the main reason why some people are in denial about Ellie being lesbian or bi is because, even though the game did so well not to "sexualise" her (can you say that?), some people still saw her as sexy (their words, not mine). For example there were quite a few "fan"made pictures of Ellie in a sexual way.    I find that quite disturbing, because how could you think of her in such a way, when the game makes you have so intense fatherly feelings for her...    And those people can't deal with Ellie being gay because that would not be consistent with their inapropriate thoughts of Ellie.

    However (and i am just saying this to be completely honest), i would love to meet a girl that is like Ellie in my life, just because she has such a wonderful character (tell me if that's creepy)...

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    • Left Behind was great :)   I was also glad that we got to see Joel again (it would have been even better if he would have had some dialogue...). Walking around the mall was really cool. The only thing i missed was the beautiful places that were overtaken by nature.

      Riley's monologue at the end was incredible :)

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    • ►  I think that Ellie is LGBT.

      She's L, anyway.

      Note how, at 14, she is not impressed by the gay magazine dix pix, and makes fun of them. She is a serious tomboy, like every girl who likes girls I've ever known (including me).

      And she's not interested in Sam's come-ons but IS interested in her GF at the academy. How obvious do they have to make it for guy gamers?

      ►  the main reason why some people are in denial about Ellie being lesbian or bi is because, even though the game did so well not to "sexualise" her (can you say that?),

      I object strongly to the assertion that if Ellie is in any way sexy, that she is "sexualized." 

      That's an ugly word from ugly people, the make-believe feminists. Famous humanities professor Camille Paglia is a REAL feministst.

      ► some people still saw her as sexy (their words, not mine).

      Far be it from you to admit your sexual desire.

      ► For example there were quite a few "fan"made pictures of Ellie in a sexual way.

      This is my favorite.

      ►     I find that quite disturbing

      The "sexual anger" that you can barely keep hidden is what disturbs you.

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  • So, you have complained about me on the thread. And if you want to say something in particular, it would be better if we wouldn't get off-topic...

    I just want to say why i think that Ellie doesn't have to leave Joel because i somehow feel the need to do so (just n one or two sentences, i don't want to make this too long).

    Over the course of the game, Ellie has grown to love (or at least really care for) Joel. They have been through so much. And i believe that there is a really strong bond that connects them, one like Ellie has never had before. And probably this is just me, but i feel like that if Ellie would really hate Joel, then their whole Journey would really have been for nothing (except for Ellie's character development).

    After the Winter sequence, we see that Joel and Ellie had already decided that they will have a life together after the whole thing is over. Clearly, Ellie still really cared about Joel, and i don't think that the events that happened could have colmpletely shattered their relationship.

    And i apologize for repeating myself and not being able to express my opinion correctly (hope that doesn't sound sarcastic). But in my eyes, it makes sense that Ellie would stay wth Joel. And believe me, i do read every post on how the opinions of other people are, and i do resepct these opinions.

    Ps: In the Ellie hates Joel... thread i accidentaly made a typo.    I think that i wrote about answering a question, it said: "You 't actually meant to be answered  again".   Don't know how that happened... However, i wanted to say that that question was NOT meant to be answered (the one that you complained about).

    So in future, i'll try to explain my opinions better. But I'll not always suceed.                          Over the months, i have enjoyed writing comments in the thread. But when it comes to more complicated explanations, i don't express myself as well as some others (such as you, Astorr and Winterlotus). 

    Honestly, i think that you have overreacted. And it is just really unnecessary to be aggresive with these things

    I don't think that i have repeated myself (asked the same question) so incredibly many times (as you seem to think).                Finally, i will at least try to write better explanations. But i really don't want someone getting really annoyed because they got the meaning wrong (because of a bad explanation).

    And sorry for writing such a long post now. I just feel unomfortable if i don't get things straight with you. Because i don't think that all of your critisism is completely justified.

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    • Thanks for writing this. I often forget that English is your second language, because you really do write it very well! I was just letting you know, from a native English speaker, how you may be coming across. I don't think that you meant to come across as annoying at all. Also, I didn't mean to come across as aggressive or anything, but looking at my comment now, it was a little too biting. Sorry. I think we can all say that we're a bit tired/ frustrated with that thread LOL.

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    • True. I'm glad that that matter is settled. Thanks :)

      That thread does get fruststing now and then...    Thanks for letting me know that things can come across very different from how i mean them :)

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  • Hey, so i saw your comment on the Realy... thread and i wanted to know how exactly you view Joel...

    I just always like to hear opinions that are different from mine and i dinn't want to get offtopic on the thread.

    I would really appreciate it if you would answer this question.   So, how do you see Joel?

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    • Oooh, that sounds fun! I actually went on that same trip when I was in high school with a school club. I love those two cities! I love Paris especially- I like to think that I'm a chic French girl at heart, haha. Have fun!

      And that's true. The thing is, we don't really know what Joel did during those years, specifically, so it is hard to judge him by that. But wedo know that he did something like the blockade trap, so he did actually target innocent people. To me, that goes beond "surviving" and becomes something worse. The intent and premediation make it worse to me. Like, if someone's guilty of murder (in the US at least), if it's determined that they planned to do it ahead of time, it's considered a much worse offense. 

      And I'm glad that he didn't let Ellie die! I didn't want her to die either, but that's just because of the perspective of the story. I mean, it's not like Ellie and Joel are the only "good" people left deserving of happiness, there are lots of people like that in the world of TLOU that would have really appreciated a vaccine. You say Joel's actions are justifyable under "survival" but why not sacrificing one kid to "save humanity?" Doesn't that qualify as something humanity has to do in order to survive?

      And I guess I assumed that they lived in that apartment that she comes into during that first scene after the prologue. But yeah, I guess that may have just been Joel's apartment. 

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    • Joel hadn't seen Tess for a while. So i thought that it was his apartment.

      And with Joel's actions being justifiable under survival i meant the one's that he did before he met Ellie.

      Sorry, that's as much as i can write right now... I have to go in a few minutes. So I'll reply on saturday.

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  • Hey,

    Did I come off as sexist in my post about GTA V? I explained to Mikey that that wasn't my intention. Klock101 seemed to think so also. My point was that games like that promote sexism and evil in this world and to see garbage like GTA V get a 10 along with The Last of Us was disheartening. I don't play a lot of games but I know that I like games like TLOU over trash like GTA. Obviously the game is targeted for men and that's why I do find the game horrible because of all the "manly" themes it contains. And then Mikey pulled the "escapism" card. What people escape into can tell a lot about the person though. And I know video games are just video games, but video games breed hatred and sexism and racism in the world. Video games make it fun and "rewarding" to be bad (if you're playing a criminal in GTA). I feel the same way about movies like The Hangover and stuff. I find it a complete turn off for guys to be into that stuff. Bottom line, it's what they find entertaining and fun and in a lot of ways it can relate to things they allow for in their lives, or they lack morals in certain areas because what they expose themselves to makes them see it as okay or fun. Desensitized. That's the word. Men in our world are very desensitized to a lot of matters because of games, tv, movies, etc. that glorify these things. And that's why GTA V's rating upsets me greatly. 

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    • Haha by a few I meant like 2... Or 1, sometimes. And I dunno, I have a hard time just starting books. It's a big time commitment! So I just end up never starting them. And that's so weird that you read World War Z in your literature class, but I guess it was actually a serious novel, right? The title just has always made me think it was intentionally cheesey or something. 

      The last book I read was during the summer, called "Going After Cacciato" by Tim O'brien. It's about these soldiers who go on this journey pursuing a comrade who goes MIA during the Vietnam War, but it's not like a typical "war novel" because it blends reality and the fantasies of the main character. I really liked it! I read it because I'd really liked another of O'brien's novels that I had to read in high school (called The Things They Carried.) But yeah, nowadays I'm reading dumb textbooks, haha.

      And I really don't care about other people's grammar, haha. I'm not one of those "grammar nazis." Otherwise I'd never be able to get through one of Sahar's posts...

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    • Yeah it's a pretty serious novel! Each chapter contains "first-hand accounts" of different people's experience with zombies, but each chapter overall explains the progress of the war against zombies. It's VERY interesting anf serious. Yes, don't let the title fool you! :P 

      Ohh I will have to read those! They sound really cool :)

      LMAO! (about Sahar)

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  • Hi, welcome to The Last of Us Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the David was trying to rape Ellie. End of story. page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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