A Lockbox is an objective in Factions MP. It is exclusive to the Interrogation game mode. It resembles a large Safe holding intel.


To find the lockbox, the team must interrogate 5 enemy players. The interrogation is like an execution, but takes longer to kill. Once 5 enemy players are interrogated, the lockbox will be revealed at a random location, usually near where the defending team currently is.

The team will then have to unlock the lockbox by standing next to it and press triangle. A lock with a circle around it saying Attack will show the process of unlocking it. It fills in three stages and informs both teams on the currant status of each box when a third is filled each time.

If the circle fills completely, the lockbox is open and the team wins the game. If the opposing team interrogates 5 players, then the team's lockbox is revealed and a meter saying Defend will be on the lockbox and will show the unlocking process. If the enemy team manages to unlock the safe, then the team defending it will lose.

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