Lethal Efficiency is a Survival Skill in The Last of Us.

Skill InformationEdit

Level 1 – 2 LP Do a faster, low-to-the-ground neck-snap when performing a Special Execution.

Level 2 – 3 LP Do an even faster low-to-the-ground neck-snap when performing a Special Execution.

General InformationEdit

Lethal Efficiency replaces the standard animations with a swift neck snap, resulting in a much faster speed for special executions and exceeding the speed one can melee a downed opponent to death. In addition, while performing the neck snap, players keep a low profile and are harder to hit. This skill is paired well with Executioner and its variants, which grant more parts for special executions.

Lethal Efficiency does not speed up interrogations in Interrogation matches, and is therefore useless before all interrogations needed are acquired.

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