Joel & Sarah Photo is an artifact obtained in the chapter Lakeside Resort. It is already in Ellie's backpack at the start of the chapter.


  • This photo is first seen in the prologue; it is in Sarah's bedroom, taped to the wall among other photos.
  • It is later seen in the chapter Tommy's Dam, when Tommy explains that he went back to Joel's house in Texas, and offers it to Joel.
  • When optionally viewing the photograph in the Winter chapter, Ellie will mutter to herself "I should have given this to you [Joel] when I had the chance".
  • It is finally given to Joel by Ellie in the chapter Bus Depot whereupon he seems to finally accept the death of his daughter.
    • However, if the player keeps walking, Joel will remind Ellie to stay focused on the matter at hand and Ellie will put the photo away.


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