Joel, Tommy and Ellie overlooking Jackson County and the dam.

Jackson County, Wyoming is one of the many locations that Joel and Ellie reach during their journey across the United States in The Last of Us. It is where Tommy and Maria reside at a hydroelectric dam.


Sometime after Tommy left the Fireflies, he found a town in Jackson County which was made into a settlement by Maria and her father. Tommy married her and they run the town together, which is powered by a hydroelectric dam. Jackson County is full of nature, with woods, rivers and mountains. The dam is constantly being raided by Bandits, however.

Events of The Last of UsEdit

Joel and Ellie travel to Jackson County in hopes of seeing his brother Tommy in Jackson City. Instead, they come across a hydroelectric dam and surprisingly find him there. Tommy introduces them to his wife Maria and warmly welcomes them to the town. They have families settling in there, and many workers who work on the dam. Outside of the dam, there are many trails and paths leading to other lodges and building, as well as small towns.

Soon after arriving, the townsfolk manage to get a generator working again, bringing power back online to the nearby town. After that, Joel tries to convince Tommy to bring Ellie to the Fireflies as payment for all of the years of taking care of him, leading to an argument. However, the argument is cut short when a group of bandits attack the plant. The bandits are stopped, but some of the residents are killed in the battle.


Ellie and Joel returning to Jackson

After Tommy, Joel, and Ellie come back to town from the ranch house, Joel and Ellie leave to continue their journey, despite Tommy telling them they have a place at the town.

After the events in Salt Lake City, Joel (with Ellie) decides to return to the town. They were unable to take the road back, as it had collapsed. They went through the woods instead, quickly coming in to site of the county. Joel and Ellie then stop as Ellie confesses her survivors guilt. Joel consoles her, saying they have to keep "finding something to fight for".

Known residentsEdit

  • Buckley (animal)
  • Earl
  • Ellie (Post-The Last of Us)
  • Hoover
  • Joel (Post-The Last of Us)
  • Maria
  • Tommy


  • It is interesting to note that no Infected are encountered in the area. The reason for this is unknown, although a possible explanation is the apparent remoteness from any large towns or cities. The county seems like an ideal location to avoid the outbreak, although Tommy mentions that attacks by Infected still occur.
  • Wyoming, as evidenced through the players' journeys with Tommy, has several farms and is rich in both vegetation and wildlife.

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