Jackson is the twelfth and final chapter, as well as the epilogue, of The Last of Us.

Plot Edit

Epilogue Edit

Jackson is the last chapter of the game, and starts off with Joel and Ellie in the car driving towards Tommy's settlement. The road gets blocked and Joel and Ellie exit the vehicle, with the player controlling Ellie, and start walking in the woods. Joel remarks that Ellie and Sarah would have been great friends because the two are very similar. Once they get in view of the settlement Ellie admits she has survivors guilt for Riley's, Tess' and Sam's deaths and asks Joel if what happened in the hospital was true and for him to swear to her. Joel lies, concluding I swear. The cutscene then ends with the camera capturing Ellie's face blandly responding Okay to Joel as the credits roll.

Collectibles Edit

Jackson contains the following collectibles:

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the only chapter in the game to not feature enemies.
  • When Joel tells Ellie that Sarah and her would make good friends, Ellie replied I bet she would've, although, the subtitles only came up Yeah.
  • The ending is somewhat similar to the beginning of the game, albeit reversed. In the prologue, they start off at home, then used the car to escape which eventually crashes forcing Joel to carry Sarah, who is eventually shot by the soldier. Sarah then dies in Joel's arms. Near the end of the game, an unconscious Ellie is carried by Joel out of the hospital and into a car. The duo then drive home, which is Tommy's settlement.
  • Trying to enable any of Ellie's shirt skins during this chapter will not work, even if it is enabled. This is because of the beginning cutscene of Ellie examining her bite. As a result, the red flannel she wears is scripted to be worn no matter what.
  • The ending scene before the chapter ends when Ellie says okay is a nod to the 2009 film The Road, which is in fact an inspiration for The Last of Us. In the final scene of the film, the boy (who is unnamed) is approached by a group and is asked to join. The scene closes with a close-up of the boy's face, slightly nodding and saying okay, very similar to Ellie's reaction.

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