Jack of All Trades is a Survival Skill in The Last of Us.

Skill informationEdit

The Jack of All Trades skill gives the level one version of many skills in exchange for 5/10 loadout points, giving the player a bundle of skills that are worth more in total (8/16 points worth) than the loadout points required to equip it. While the player is receiving a bargain price for their skills, they are also devoting fewer points into more specialized skills. This results in a character that has less room for specialization, but is more generally well-rounded than other sets. This also affects the amount of weapons available for use, especially the second rank. For example, using any silenced sidearm (excluding the Silenced 9mm) with level two of Jack of All Trades prevents the player from equipping any primary weapons or using any other skills.

The skill's benefits do not stack with other skills. For example, if a player uses both Jack of All Trades and Sharp Ears 3, then he or she will only have the benefits of Sharp Ears 3, rather than the level one variant from Jack of All Trades stacking with Sharp Ears 3.

The perk is best served for new players who have yet to figure out their preferred play style and would best serve from the benefits provided in having a versatile loadout when lacking the fully unlocked 13 loadout points experience players possess.

Skills includedEdit

Set 1Edit

The skills for the 5 point set include:

  • Brawler 1
  • Covert Training 1
  • Sharp Ears 1
  • Strategist 1
  • Crafter 1

Set 2Edit

The skills for the 10 point set include:

  • Explosion Expert 1
  • Reviver 1
  • Brawler 2
  • Covert Training 1
  • Sharp Ears 1
  • Strategist 1
  • Crafter 1
  • First Aid Training 1
  • Scavenger 1
  • Second Chance 1

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