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Joel crafting

Joel in the crafting menu.

Items are scavenged and used by Joel and Ellie across their journey in The Last of Us.


They are grouped into nine main categories:

  • Throwable objects - Some items can be picked up and then used as weapons, such bottles as bricks. Some crafted objects are also used as throwable weapons like a Molotov Cocktail.
  • Ammunition - Arguably the most important item, ammunition is needed for Joel's firearms. It can be found on defeated survivors but is usually in very short supply.
  • Binding - Bindings are materials used to bind one or more items together, like Duct tape.
  • Alcohol - Alcohol can be used in crafting — for instance, combining a rag and alcohol together will give Joel a Molotov Cocktail. Also it is a critical part of Medkits.
  • Blade - Blades such as scissors, can be used for Melee Upgrades or to make Shivs.
  • Sugar - Packets of oxidised sugar, these do not replenish Joel's health, but can be used to craft Smoke bombs.
  • Explosives - Rare explosive materials used to make smoke and nail bombs
  • Rag - Discarded cloths used to make molotov cocktails and medkits.


Main article: Crafting

Crafting is an important element in The Last of Us. When two items are combined, they may be crafted to form something new and useful to Joel and Ellie.

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