It's empty is the thirteenth of thirty-eight Cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately thirty-eight seconds long in length. Below is the complete transcript of this cutscene's spoken dialogue.

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Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[Joel tries to climb through the window but is grabbed by a Clicker. Joel elbows the Clicker in the face, knocking it to the side. It grabs him once again. Ellie watches as Bill loads his shotgun]

Ellie: [Worried.] Joel!

[Ellie grabs Joel's arm, trying to pull him inside.]

Joel: Shit.

Bill: Alright, come on!

[Bill grabs onto Joel's other arm, managing to pull him inside, tossing Joel to the ground. Just as the Clicker attempts to jump through the window, Bill uses his shotgun to shoot the Clicker dead, causing blood to splatter everywhere. Ellie then pulls the window shut]

Ellie: [Backing away.] That's not gonna hold.

Joel: Bill, make it fast!

[Bill runs towards the truck, beginning to force open the hood with his shotgun. From the outside, the Infected attempt to break down the entrance to get inside.]

Joel: [to Ellie.] Grab this.

[Joel and Ellie grab a steel stand and push it in front of the entrance, blocking it. They push against the stand to prevent the door from breaking open.]

Joel: [Breathlessly] Please tell me you're done!

[Bill finally opens the hood of the truck using the butt of his shotgun. A shocked look comes to Bill's face.]

Bill: It's empty.

Joel: What?! [Joel moves towards Bill.]

Bill: It's fucking empty!

Ellie: [Desperately] Guys!

Joel: Bill, where to?

Bill: Uh.

Joel: [Shouts.] Bill - Where?!

Bill: Anywhere but here. [Flees.]

Joel: [Grabs Ellie, who is holding the door back on her own.] Get ready to haul ass. C'mon.

[Joel pulls her away from the door, following Bill. End cinematic.]

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