It's best this way is the twenty-fifth of thirty-eight Cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately one minute and fifty-seven seconds in length. Below is the complete transcript of this cutscene's spoken dialogue.

Dialogue Edit

Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[The scene opens to Tommy running to Maria while Joel races to Ellie.]

Tommy: [To Maria.] You okay?

Maria: Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. I'm fine.

[Both Maria and Tommy look over at Joel and Ellie.]

Ellie: [Breathlessly] Joel. Oh man... they were coming in from every direction. Then Maria was like, "We gotta run!"

Joel: Okay. Listen-

Ellie: [Interjecting.] And so we dove over these tables and this huge guy blasts in with his shotgun.

Joel: Slow down, slow down. Listen--

Ellie: [Talking over Joel.] And then--

Joel: [Grabs Ellie's shoulders.] Hey, hey, are you hurt?

Ellie: [Relieved.] No.

[The camera cuts back to Tommy and Maria]

Tommy: Goddammit. [To Maria.] I need to talk to you.

[Cut to outside. Maria and Tommy are talking. Joel listens nearby, rested on a box.]

Maria: Absolutely not. You tell him to go find somebody else.

Tommy: Maria, I can't have this hanging over my head.

Maria: Do you have any idea how many men we lost here today?

Ellie: [Walks beside Joel.] Hey--what's that all about? [Waits for response.] Does it have anything to do with me?

Joel: We'll talk about it later.

Ellie: [Irritated] Did he tell you where the lab is?

Joel: [Insistent] We'll talk about it later.

Ellie: Later... [Scoffs.] Right.

[Ellie storms off.]

Joel: Ell-- [Refrains.]

Maria: [Off-screen.] It takes one. One fuck-up. [On-screen.] One fuck up and I turn into those widows! Okay?

Tommy: I have to do this. I don't know what else to say.

Maria: [Scoffs.] Fine.

Tommy: Maria. [Maria walks to Joel.] Maria!

Joel: [To himself.] Here we go. [Stands.]

Maria: You. If anything. Anything at all happens to him. It's on you.

[Joel nods, unable to look at her. Maria walks away.]

Tommy: She's thankful, you know

Joel: Yeah. I know.

Tommy: I'll take that girl of yours to the Fireflies. You don't have to worry about it.

Joel: It's best this way.

Tommy: Maybe some real good will come of this.

Joel: [Pause.] I need to talk to Ellie.

[Tommy nods and walks off. Joel turns the other way, wiping his eye.]

Tommy: [Through walkie-talkie.] Say again, I didn't hear you. Joel!

Joel: What--what is it?

Tommy: That girl of yours. She took one of horses and rode of.

Joel: Damn it. Which way?

Tommy: Come on.

[End cinematic.]

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