Interrogation is a game mode in the Factions MP mode of The Last of Us.


This game mode requires each team to gain information through interrogating their opponents. This is accomplished by downing a target, then performing a special execution. While interrogating, the player can be downed, causing the interrogation to be denied if done in time and granting the player who denied it earn an extra 50 parts.

Once either team have completed five interrogations successfully, the second phase of the match begins. The team with all their interrogations must attack the enemy team's lockbox, located by the interrogations. There are three stages to opening the box, each granting the players points if they reach each stage. Unlocking the lockbox is risky as it takes a considerable amount of time, and enemy forces can easily interrupt the action and down the unlockers. This makes it easier for the enemy team (if they haven't gotten all their interrogations yet) to obtain the interrogations they need. However, the lock box becomes easier to open as the match progresses, meaning the losing team can quickly comeback to win.

If one has a Shiv crafted, it is best to interrogate this way as it is faster, and works just like normal shivs. The player isn't required to down their opponent first, making it easier to pull off, and better for stealth classes.


  • Interrogation is good for grinding parts, as infinite respawns makes up for the reduced part reward for downs and executions. Additionally, parts are awarded for interrogating enemies, partially and fully unlocking the lockbox, and killing enemies near their own lockboxes. Finally, a parts reward of varying quantity is given at the end of the match to the winning team, depending on how decisively the winning team defeated the losing team.
  • When the player requires 60+ supplies, one tactic is to not open the box all the way. Keep killing the endless onslaught of enemies to acquire more parts before getting the bonus from opening the box.
  • Don't use molotovs in the early part of the game unless absolutely necessary, you can't interrogate the enemy's charred corpse, so throw fire with extreme discretion. In the same vein, flamethrowers can be counterproductive due to their instant execution, as well as headshots from military snipers.
  • When defending a lockbox, communicate with your team to let them know about the current situation, what role everyone is taking (Sniper, Support, Assault, etc.). At least one person on a team should have a mic, to help everyone out by pointing out enemy positions (without shouting in the game) and give encouragement, plans, and other tactics. 
  • Avoid using Fortitude in this game mode, as it can get you interrogated more easily due to longer bleed out time.