I'm not infected is the sixth of thirty-eight cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately one minute and fifty-five seconds long in length. Below is the complete transcription for this cutscene's spoken dialogue.

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Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[Joel falls to the ground after being buttstroked in the face by a soldiers firearm. The soldier, Ramirez, points her rifle and flashlight at Ellie and Tess. Soldier 1 is behind them, his pistol aimed at them]

Ramirez: Don't do anything stupid.

Soldier 1: Move.

[Ellie and Tess step out of the storage container.]

Ramirez: Turn around. On your knees. [To Soldier 1.] You scan 'em, I'll call it in.

Soldier 1: Alright. [Armed.] Put your hands on your head.

Ramirez: [To walkie-talkie.] This is Ramirez at Sector Twelve. Requesting pickup for three stragglers. [Pauses.] Understood.

Tess: [Being scanned.] Look the other way. We can make this worth your while.

Soldier 1: Shut up. [Proceeds to scan Joel.] I'm getting tired of this shit.

Ramirez: Um-hmm.

Soldier 1: [Proceeds to scan Ellie.] What's the ETA?

Ramirez: Couple a minutes.

Ellie: [Panics.] Oh, man. Oh, man. [Takes out knife and stabs Soldier 1 in the leg.] Sorry!

[Soldier 1 yells before hitting Ellie down. Joel tackles him before he pulls the trigger and misses. Ramirez prepares to shoot Joel, but Tess shoots her in the head. Soon, Joel shoots her partner.]

Ellie: Oh...Oh fuck! [Breaths heavily.] I thought we were just gonna...hold them up or something.

Tess: [Walks to and picks up the scanner dropped on the ground. She looks at it.] Oh, shit. Look. [Tosses scanner to Joel.]

Joel: [Scanner reads "INFECTED".] Jesus Christ. [Walks closer to Tess.] Marlene set us up? [Tess hesitates to talk.] Why the hell are we smuggling an infected girl?

Ellie: [Shocked.] I'm not infected!

Joel: No? [Tosses scanner] So was this lying?

Ellie: I can explain!

Tess: [Armed] You better explain fast!

Ellie: [Rolls up sleeve and exposes right wrist.] Look at this!

Joel: I don't care how you got infected.

Ellie: It's three weeks old!

Tess: No! Everyone turns within two days, so you stop bullshitting.

Ellie: It's three weeks! I swear! Why would she set you up?

[Tess lowers her gun.]

Joel: I ain't buyin' it. [Joel turns to see an armored truck coming their way.] Oh, shit. [Backing up.] Tess, run. RUN!

Tess: G-go. [Hurries Ellie.] Go! Move!

[Ellie and Tess follow Joel, who runs and jumps down to a safe, lower level. End cinematic.]

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