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Joel hiding from the Hunter's Humvee in Pittsburgh.

A Humvee, or High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), is an unusable vehicle in The Last of Us.


Humvees can be seen being used by the military as early as Chapter 2: The Quarantine Zone. An unarmed version equipped with loudspeakers is seen driving around the Boston Quarantine Zone. When Joel, Tess and Ellie are in the Outskirts, several military Humvees equipped with searchlights scan for their whereabouts, ready to open fire with their machine guns. When Joel and Ellie leave the Capitol building, one chases them to the subway entrance and opens fire on them. This is the last time one is seen being used by the military.

When Joel and Ellie reached Pittsburgh, a group of Hunters using a Humvee, which they manage to repair after taking the Quarantine zone, to sporadically attacks a small group of survivors which Joel witnesses while searching for a pallet for Ellie to use. The same Humvee is seen again killing two people who were likely part of the group they attacked earlier.

The Humvee is then used on Joel and Ellie as they make their way through the city on foot, leading them into the encounter with Henry and Sam. It is armed with an M2 .50 caliber turret-mounted machine gun and has extra armor attached to the windshield, barbed wire on the front and sides, a human corpse strung on the hood, and a "RUN" sign on the front bumper.


Joel setting the Hunter's Humvee ablaze

In Chapter 6: The Suburbs, the same Humvee catches up to the group and attacks them along with other Hunters on foot. Joel, providing cover fire with a military sniper rifle, destroys the Humvee when a Hunter wielding a Molotov accidentally drops his weapon inside the vehicle after being shot by Joel, immolating the interior of the vehicle and causing it to crash into a nearby house.

This is the last time a working Humvee is seen in the entire game.



  • The machine gun on the Military Humvee is not manned by a soldier when firing, suggesting it is remote controlled. It is likely fitted with the M151 Protector Remote Weapons Station.
  • The machine gun on the Hunters' Humvee never seems to reload or run out of ammunition, though this could have been done when not in view.           
  • The Hunter's Humvee appears to be a cross between the M1123 and M1151 variants.
  • It is unknown where the Military and the Hunters get fuel for their vehicles. However, Bill stated to Joel "You'd be amazed how many cars still got gas in 'em.", suggesting that they take fuel from abandoned vehicles. This would be harder than for a regular car, since military Humvees use diesel fuel. It might be that the hunters take the fuel from larger trucks. It is also possible, however, that the hunters are making biodiesel. As for the military, it is possible that they simply still have access to petroleum reserves.
  • It's unknown how the Hunter's Humvee left Pittsburgh and entered the suburbs since the bridge was destroyed. However, it seems that the bridge may have been bi-level, and only the lower level was completely destroyed (leaving the upper level intact for possible vehicle crossings).

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