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How you doing, baby brother? is the twenty-third of thirty-eight Cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately one minute and thirty-nine seconds in length. Below is the complete transcript of this cutscene's spoken dialogue.

Dialogue Edit

Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[Joel attempts to nudge open The Dam's doors. Meanwhile, armed men and women atop the dam aim their weapons at Joel and Ellie.]

Maria: Don't even think about reaching for your weapon. [Ellie grabs her gun.] Tell the girl to drop hers. Now!

Joel: [Backing up.] Ellie, do as the lady says.

Ellie: [Reluctant. Raises hands.] Okay...

Maria: Please tell me you're lost.

Joel: We didn't know the place was occupied. We're just trying to make our way through.

Maria: Through to where?

Tommy: [Off-screen.] They're alright.

Maria: What, you know these people?

Tommy: I know him [Camera pans to Tommy opening doors.] He's my goddamn brother.

Joel Tommy.

Tommy: Holy shit [Embraces Joel.]

Joel: [Chuckles in disbelief.] How you doin', baby brother?

Tommy: Goddamn.

Joel: Yeah.

Tommy: Let me look at you. [Pulls away. Chuckles.] You got fucking old.

Joel: Easy--It's gonna happen to you too.

Tommy: [Maria walks beside him.] This is Maria. Be nice to her, she sorta runs things around here.

Joel: Ma'am. Thanks for not blowing my head off.

Maria: Would've been embarrassing, considering you're my brother-in-law.

Tommy: We all gotta get wrangled up at some point.

Maria: [Looks at Ellie.] Ellie, right?

Ellie: [Nods.] Yeah.

Maria: What brings you through here?

Ellie:'s kind of a long story.

Tommy: [To Maria.] Why don't we bring 'em inside?

Maria: Yeah. [To Ellie.] You hungry?

Ellie: Starving.

[Maria enters the dam while Ellie and Joel follow. Tommy closes the door behind him.]

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