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How'd I do? is the eighteenth of thirty-eight Cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately fifty-seven seconds in length. Below is the complete transcription for this cutscene's spoken dialogue.

Dialogue Edit

Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[Ellie exhales and places down the rifle. She stands fully erect and walks off the scaffolding. Cut to Joel, who paces besides a Hunter's dead body and bends down beside it. Cut to Ellie, who approaches Joel with the rifle still in her grip. Cut to both, Joel removes a handgun from the Hunter's palm. He stands up and faces her. He takes the rifle from her.]

Ellie: [Concerned.] How'd I do?

Joel: [Nods and places rifle down beside him.] How 'bout something a... [Checks handgun.] a little more your size. [Offers Ellie hand gun and pulls away as she reaches for it.] It's for emergencies only.

Ellie: [Nods in understanding.] Okay. [Ellie takes the handgun and examines before placing it in her back pocket.]

[Both Joel and Ellie nod at one another, and Joel gives the signal to keep on moving. They both walk off as Ellie watches the dead corpse beside them. End cinematic.]

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