The High School is multiplayer map in Factions MP. This area is in Lincoln. Unlike the other maps, where you fight outside, this map takes place in one structure.


In a high school in Lincoln, the Hunters and Fireflies fight over the remaining supplies left in the area that were not looted prior to the outbreak, using the red loot boxes scattered around the map. The two spawn locations are the gymnasium and the library.


The narrow hallways and rooms is where short-range weapons excel in. The hallways don't have a lot of cover, so be careful when traversing them. The science room is where some of the fight will be, so a medium range weapon is ideal. Plant a Nail Bomb near the window; once the enemy hops in, they won't have time to react (unless they were wearing body armor) and this will dispatch them quickly. A makeshift bridge is between the gym and the science room. Sprint across here to get to the loot box located between the science room and the restroom, This area has lots of fighting, so keep a Molotov Cocktail ready.

Although most of the fighting takes place indoors there are two ideal sniping positions on the map; a window at the head of the stairs leading to the science room and a balcony opposite from it on the other side of the map are perfect spots to mark or snipe enemies crossing open ground. Inside the gym is a row of bleachers that offer good views of the main hall. Constantly moving between these three spots is a decent strategy for snipers, however, a Shorty, Shotgun, or Revolver should also be taken for use in close quarters.

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