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You had a good chance of making it, and you did. But coming back for you meant putting him at risk. If it was the other way around, would you have come back for us? I saved you.
— Henry persuading Joel not to shoot him

Henry is a character in The Last of Us. He appears as a survivor from Hartford and the older brother of Sam, who he is fiercely protective of, perhaps to the point of underestimating his comprehension and capability in hostile situations. He openly chastises Sam if he believes he is doing something that would compromise their efficiency or, in particular, his safety. He is voiced by Brandon Scott.[2]


Background and early lifeEdit

Henry was only five when the cordyceps brain infection outbreak began. As an adult, he mainly remembers the smells of barbecues and backyard cookouts as opposed to the actual events themselves.[3]

Events of The Last of UsEdit

Henry and his brother were among survivors who had left Hartford, after the military abandoned the quarantine zone. On the suggestion of someone within their group, they entered Pittsburgh to search for supplies, and were subsequently ambushed by the Hunters within the city.

Before they become separated, the group agrees to meet up near a radio tower just outside of the city limits. For the next few days, Henry and Sam hole up in an office building near one the Hunter’s lookouts. [4]

Henry and Sam are hiding out in an apartment building when they encounter Ellie and Joel. Assuming Joel is one of the Hunters, Henry attacks Joel and gains a momentary upper hand before Ellie attacks him with her switchblade. Distracted, he is unable to defend against Joel’s counter and is thrown to the ground where Joel proceeds to punch him in the kidneys and the back of his neck. Ellie warns her partner of his younger brother, who has a gun trained on him. Henry assures his brother that they are not “the bad guys” and Joel backs off, allowing Henry to recover.

Joel and Henry

A hostile and uncertain beginning.

Winded, Henry compliments Joel’s strength. Joel states bluntly that it was his intention to kill Henry in their altercation. The two introduce themselves and explain their situation. Henry suggests that they could help each other get out of the city, and though Joel rejects the idea, Ellie’s compliance eventually wins him over. Henry and Sam lead the two out of the apartment to their hideout; they take cover inside a toy store when the armored vehicle patrolling the street reappears. Though Henry is frustrated at the Hunter’s persistence, he is distracted when he notices Sam fiddling with a toy. He reminds his brother that they take only what they need, and leads them back to an office building where they’ve been staying.


Henry warns Joel not to cross him.

Once inside, Joel questions Henry’s certainty of escape, asking why they have not left the city yet. Henry replies that they were waiting for the right opportunity. He leads Joel to a window overlooking the gate. He explains that he and Sam plan on escaping through the gate once the primary detail is replaced by a skeleton crew. Henry tells Joel they plan on heading west to meet up with the Fireflies. He becomes defensive when Joel asks why he is "dragging" his brother across the country on the possibility of finding the Fireflies. Joel defuses Henry, and tells him he and Ellie are also searching for the Fireflies.[5]

Mollified, Henry explains to Joel his group plans to meet at the military radio tower just outside the city the following day. When night falls, the four of them make their way to the lower level of the office building. Henry and Joel take out the first two men in the skeleton crew, and are careful to avoid the spotlight searching for Clickers as they proceed outside the building. Joel creates a distraction by turning off the generator and drawing the men atop the bridge down onto the ground.

Henry, Joel and Ellie are able to take care of them, but not without drawing attention. They manage to pass through the doors and lock them, but they are given no reprieve. Acting quickly, Henry and Sam scale a ladder onto the top of a truck blocking their exit. However, no sooner than Henry gets Ellie up onto the truck, the ladder breaks and Joel is unable to reach them through conventional means.

The Hunters bear down in the Humvee, breaking the barricade doors down; Henry fears the worst for himself and his brother’s survival. Apologizing, Henry forgoes any attempt to save Joel and leaves, Sam on his heel. The two make it somewhere past the bridge where they spot Ellie and Joel drifting through the water. They save them and wait for Joel to regain consciousness. When Joel wakes, he attacks Henry for leaving them and threatens to kill him. Henry remains calm and reminds Joel that his brother’s safety came first; he would’ve done the same to Henry if their situations were reversed.

After Joel backs off, Henry assures Sam he’s alright and the two begin searching for a way off the beach. They come across a large storm drains and the four of them enter into an underground sewer system. While traveling through the sewers, they discover a group of survivors had attempted to make a living below the ravaged streets, but were inevitably overtaken by the cordyceps brain infection. Henry and the others initially are able to evade detection from the infected roaming the sewers — however, the four of them are separated when Joel triggers a Jerry-rigged door that slams shut and separates the group.[6]

The noise alerts a group of Clickers, and they are forced to find a quick escape; Henry demands that Joel keeps Sam safe. Shortly thereafter, Henry and Ellie reunite with Joel and Sam; the four of them are able to reach the surface but are locked inside. Henry boosts Ellie and Sam over the window above the door in the hopes that they can unlock the door on the other side. He helps Joel fend off the Clickers, Stalkers and Runners long enough for Sam and Ellie to unlock and open the door for their escape.

Safely outside the limits of the city, Henry and the others make their way through the ruined suburbs. There, they are attacked by hunters patrolling the perimeter of the suburb. Joel moves to take out the sniper while Henry and the others distract them. Once Joel subdues the hunters, Henry, Sam and Ellie move up closer to the house. Relieved, they rest for a moment, but are soon ambushed by Runners. Henry and Joel are able to kill the immediate threats, and they join Joel inside the sniper’s house where they all proceed out the back, and head for the military tower.[7]


Henry talking with Joel and Ellie.

Later that night, Henry and Joel bond over stories of Joel and Tommy renting a pair of Harleys. Henry remarks that he would die happy if could just ride one around the block. When Ellie excuses herself, Henry admits to Joel that he does not think the rest of his group would be joining them; he believes the hardest part about their situation will be explaining it to his brother.

The following morning, Henry lets Sam sleep in. He is preparing breakfast when he suggests that Ellie wake his brother. However, moments after she enters the room she is attacked by Sam, who is beginning to turn from the infected scratch on his leg. In a panic, Joel tries to shoot Sam, but Henry stops him with a stray round from his own gun. Henry hesitates for another moment, prompting Joel to reach for a weapon. Before Joel can do something, however, Henry shoots his brother in the head. Distraught over his actions, he blames Joel for what happened to Sam and points his gun at him, shouting that it's all "his" fault; whether this was directed at Joel or himself is unclear. Joel attempts to dissuade Henry from shooting, but Henry points the gun to his head and shoots himself, much to Joel and Ellie's horror.

Henry and Joel

Henry points his gun at Joel after his brother's death.

He was mostly likely buried along with Sam by Joel and Ellie. When Ellie brings up the fact that she forgot to put the toy robot she stole for Sam on his grave, Joel sternly forbids her from talking about them.[8]



Being his brother, Henry cared deeply for Sam, putting his safety above his own and ensured he was unharmed whenever he could. Henry even gave his gun to Sam at one point to defend himself, and even threatened Joel when the man question his decision to "drag [Sam] across the country" with him. However, this dedication bordered over-protection, Henry constantly making Sam leave anything they didn't need behind and never letting him leave his sight when he could help it. When separated from him, Henry would become frantic with worry, making Joel promise him to "keep [Sam] safe". This is done to ensure Sam isn't scared, like when Joel shoved him down; he kept his cool and remained confident to ensure Sam wouldn't become scared, even if Henry probably was.

Recognizing Sam's pessimistic outlook at times, Henry would try to cheer him up, making him hopeful that others from their group survived and "let him sleep in [when at the tower] for once." However, this could have been a delaying tactic for Henry, wanting to put off confessing to Sam that their group hadn't survived the journey to the radio tower, even saying to Joel "explaining it to Sam" would be the "saddest thing" about everything that had happened.

When forced to shoot Sam to save Ellie, Henry was initially reluctant, almost shooting Joel despite knowing Sam was no longer the brother he knew. He shot him regardless, devastating his spirit, crying that it was "all your fault", possibly blaming himself. Ridden with guilt, he shot himself at the loss, unable to cope without his brother.


Although the pair initially attacked each other, Henry trying to strangle the man, they buried the hatchet when realizing the other wasn't a hunter. Although Joel was reluctant to join with him, Henry was more willing, even inviting the man to his hideout. While there, he confessed his plans to the man, desiring to form a partnership. He did grow angry at the man for challenging his reasons to bring Sam with him in his quest to find the Fireflies but realized he had misunderstood the remark, speedily settling down.

Although he abandoned the man when fleeing the city, he justified that he was doing it protect Sam, citing that he saved Joel from drowning, thus didn't hate him. He was also relatively calm with the confrontation, despite Joel having been seconds from shooting him.

When they reached the radio tower, the two grew close, bonding over stories of Joel renting a pair of Harleys and riding across the country. When Ellie left them, he confessed his fear to Joel of having to inform Sam of the loss of their group, demonstrating he felt he viewed Joel as someone he could open up to (the man being the only adult there, therefore he only person he could express any vulnerability to).

Despite the pair having become friendly with each other, Henry shot at Joel in order to save Sam (who had become a Runner) though soon changed his mind. Regardless, Henry pointed his gun at Joel again, shouting it was "all your fault" before shooting himself. Whether he meant Joel or himself is unknown.


Henry didn't interact much with Ellie, but still looked after her when she was separated from Joel, defending her against Infected. He also kept her safe when they were faced by hunters, though didn't value her safety enough to prevent her from running back to Joel; he only really cared about Sam's safety when fleeing the city, not hers. He later saved her from an infected Sam, choosing her over his brother despite their closer relationship.

Skills and abilities Edit

Henry was a capable fighter, able to hold his own against Joel, a skilled combatant in his own right, only losing his advantage when distracted by Ellie. He also has a tolerance for pain, barely wincing at being slashed by Ellie (commenting it was "nothing") and heavily beaten by Joel, though he did observe that Joel "hits hard".

Henry was a strong swimmer, able to rescue an unconscious Joel and Ellie despite the overwhelming current and showed no sign of exhaustion afterwards, demonstrating considerable stamina.

Henry was also skilled with his pistol, able to kill several Hunters and Infected with it. He was even able to fire a warning shot at Joel and shoot Sam in the head, despite being distressed.

Henry could also be very persuasive, managing to convince an enraged Joel not to shoot him.



  • Henry, along with Sam, were originally supposed to be Caucasian.
  • There is an occasional glitch that causes Henry to wield Ellie's special Beretta Model 70-based 9mm Pistol, instead of his own Taurus Model 66 regularly used in gameplay.
  • In the final conversation between Ellie and Sam, Sam mentions that Henry told him that when people died they would see their families again in the afterlife. This suggests either that Henry is religious, or that he believes telling Sam this would make his journey easier. It is unknown if he is aware of Sam's doubts concerning the afterlife.
  • Henry's backpack is the same backpack design used by the Fireflies in Factions.


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