The Heads-Up Display shows everything that the player needs to know, such as interacting with an object, changing weapons, and picking up ammunition.

Pre-release AppearanceEdit

In the E3 game demo, most of the information was shown on the top left screen. Joel's Health, current weapon equipped, and the ammo remaining below the weapon icon. Three small boxes represent how many Health Kits Joel has. What the weapon changing menu looks like was not shown. There is however a a Documentary online that does preview what the weapon system possibly originally looked like.

In-game AppearanceEdit

A small black circle on the bottom right corner represents Joel's health, his current weapon equipped, how much ammunition is left, Melee Weapon, and the number of Shivs he has, as well as how many hits the weapons has left. A small wrench icon shows that something can be crafted. When swimming underwater, a smaller blue bar next to the health bar will appear and will start to shrink. If it depletes completey, then Joel's health bar will start to shrink.

The weapon selecting menu shows the firearms the player has, Molotov Cocktails, Smoke Bombs, Bricks and Bottles, health kits, and Nail Bombs. A box represents the current weapon Joel is using. If the player has more firearms, then the player can swap them out using X. Sometimes, Joel will come across a new weapon, ammunition, Ladders, garage doors, and other items. To pick up or interact with said object, the player will need to press triangle.


In Factions MP, the HUD has two new icons. A Listen Mode gauge, and a giftbox. A yellow bar nest to the health bar shows how long Listen mode can be used before it depletes completey. If player the player tries to use it while the bar is still recharging, the bar will blink red to show the Listen mode can't be used.

The giftbox is used to give other players a random item. The only way to obtain them is to use the Crafter 2 or Crafter 3 skill.


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