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I won't let you take her. This is our future. Think of all the lives we'll save.
— The surgeon attempts to dissuade Joel.

The Head Surgeon was the lead doctor among the Fireflies who is trying to find a cure for the infection. A recording by him can be found detailing Ellie's immunity in St. Mary's Hospital.


Pre-The Last of UsEdit

It is likely that he was a surgeon before the cordyceps brain infection pandemic, and has spent many years among the Fireflies attempting to find a cure.

Events of The Last of UsEdit

The Head Surgeon served with the doctors of the Fireflies and resided at Salt Lake City. After performing several medical tests on Ellie, he asked his superior, Marlene, for her permission to perform the surgery that could have potentially created a vaccine for the infection at the cost of Ellie's life. He recorded himself before the surgery, recoutning how he has tried several times on other infected patients but that Ellie would be his first breakthrough and that humanity finally had a chance again.

Just before he and his fellow surgeons could operate, however, Joel (having forced his way through the hospital) entered the room to prevent the surgery. Though the Surgeon attempted to stop Joel by threatening him with a scalpel, trying to make the man understanding how vital Ellie is, Joel killed him (much to the distress of another doctor, Kari) and fled the hospital with Ellie.

It is unknown if he was the only surgeon the Fireflies possessed, but an attempt to find the cure was lost all the same.


  • The Head Surgeon's death was initially different to the final product; they were supposed to be held hostage by Joel in a cinematic cutscene as Marlene tried to dissuade Joel. Joel soon killed Marlene and proceeded to kill him as well, the player not participating but merely watching the scene play out.
  • The Head Surgeon was briefly depicted in The Last of Us: One Night Live, though was portrayed by Annie Wersching, who originally portrayed Tess, not the original motion capture actor due to them being unable to appear.

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