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Gunslinger is a Survival Skill in The Last of Us, available as a part of the Professional Survival Skills Bundle. The description reads: "Equip this skill to start each spawn with more pistol ammo as you level up the skill."

Skill InformationEdit

Level 1 (2 loadout points) - Pistol ammo is increased by 50% at spawn (this does not stack with weapon upgrades).

Level 2 (4 loadout points) - Pistol ammo is doubled at spawn (this does not stack with weapon upgrades).

General InformationEdit

Gunslinger simply increases starting ammo for pistols. As pistol ammo is very cheap, and as players who are out of ammo always spawn with fresh bullets anyway, the usefulness of this skill is highly situational.

Gunslinger is most useful on classes that lack a primary weapon, as there is a greater chance of running out of ammo with such a class.

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