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Goodnight, baby girl is the first of thirty-eight cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately two minutes and eleven seconds in length. Below is the complete transcription for this cutscene's spoken dialogue.


Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[Sony Computer Entertainment presents and a Naughty Dog game slides are seen before the cutscence starts.]

[Sarah is seen sleeping on the couch. The camera then shifts to the front door where Joel enters, who is on a phone call with his brother, Tommy.]

Joel: Tommy I- Tommy. Tommy listen to me, he is the contractor. He's the contractor, okay? I can't lose this job. I understand...

[The camera shifts back to Sarah, who starts to wake up.]

Joel: Let's talk about this in the morning, okay? [Joel turn on a light and Sarah yawns] We'll talk about it in the morning. Alright, goodnight.

[Sarah wakes up and sits on the couch. Joel also sits down.]

Sarah: Hey.

Joel: Scoot. [Sarah moves over]

Sarah: Fun day at work, huh?

Joel: What are you still doing up? It's late.

[Sarah looks up at the clock. It reads 11:40 PM]

Sarah: Oh crud. What time is it?

Joel: It's way past your bedtime.

Sarah: But it's still today.

[Sarah grabs something hidden beside the couch]

Joel: Honey, please not right now. I do not have the energy for this.

[Sarah stands up and hands over a small box to Joel]

Sarah: Here.

Joel: What's this? [He grabs the box and starts to open it]

Sarah: Your birthday.

[Joel opens the box. Inside is a watch]

Sarah: You kept complaining about your broken watch... So I figured, you know... [Joel puts the watch on his wrist] You like it?

Joel: Honey, this is... [He holds the watch to his ear, then puts it back down]

Sarah: What?

Joel: It's nice but I- I think it's stuck. It's not -

Sarah: What? [She grabs Joel's arm to get a closer view of the watch.] No, no, no, no. [She pushes his arm away] Oh, ha, ha.

Joel: Where did you get the money for this?

Sarah: (Sarcastically) Drugs. I sell hardcore drugs.

Joel: Oh, good. [Joel reaches over to grab the TV remote.] You can start helping out with the mortgage then.

Sarah: Stsh - yeah, you wish.

[Joel turns on the TV. He and Sarah then start watching TV. After some time, Sarah falls asleep. Music starts to play as Joel picks up Sarah and carries her to her room. Joel then puts Sarah in her bed.]

Joel: Goodnight, baby girl.

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