A Gift, also known as a giftbox, is a special item in The Last of Us. It is exclusive to Factions MP and is used to give other players crafted items. It resembles a small cardboard box with string tied around it.


A gift can be created by having the level 2 or 3 Crafter Skill and crafting 3 or 2 items respectively. The player obtains a gift, represented by an on-screen prompt. The gift will be a random item. To give another player a gift, they have to stand next to them and press triangle. A gift cannot be given to another player if they are down, or if they already have up to 3 of the said item. Gifting is rewarded 100 parts and an extra 50 if using Crafter 3.

Players cannot gift themselves gifts they create. They cannot give gifts to targets that already have the maximum amount of whatever item they're trying to gift (for example, someone who already has three nail bombs cannot be gifted more nail bombs).


Here are the list of items a giftbox may give out; choice is random:

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