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This page is a list of gestures available in The Last of Us multiplayer, Factions MP. They are activated by the player by pressing the R3 button during combat.


Fist Pump 15 Population to Unlock
Knuckles Survive Until Week 2, Day 3
Chest Pound 45 Population to Unlock
Blow Smoke Survive Until Week 5, Day 3
Salute Survive Until Week 8, Day 3
Come Here Survive Until Week 11, Day 4
Back Off 75 Population to Unlock
Neck Crack Survive Until Week 12, Day 3
Bow 105 Population to Unlock
Close Call 40 Population After 12 Weeks


Gesture Bundle
The Gif
Oh Snap!
Gesture 2 Bundle
Dust Myself Off
Evil Laugh
Game Over
Gesture 3 Bundle
You're Done
Combat Formation
I'm Watching You

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