generator is a power source used to power certain things in The Last of Us. In order to get a generator working, the player needs to pull the generator handle three times by percisely pressing the triangle button at a certain point. Failing to press the button at the right point will cause the meter to empty and the process must be started again. If a player has trouble finding it, the player can follow the yellow wires that lead to the generator.


Here are the locations of all five of the generators:

  • The Quarantine Zone: Once the player jumps down to a secret passage, Tess will start a generator to provide light. This is also the only time when the player doesn't have to start it. As the player progresses through the slums, more generators can be seen.
  • The Outskirts: After moving through a small gap, a generator will be next to an elevator. Joel uses it to provide power for the elevator.
  • Pittsburgh: Once Joel falls down into the basement, move through the hallways. After defeating the Stalkers, the generator will be on a stairwell.
  • The Suburbs: Joel must get Ellie across a deeply-flooded room in the sewers to start a generator that powers a motorised platform to get Henry and Sam across the room. 
  • The University: There are two on this chapter. The first one will be in a library. Inside the room, on the second floor, is where the generator will be, along with five Runners. The second one will be on a cart, after you pass the dorm. The cart will need to be pushed to the wall panel.

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