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Force Carrier is the third issue of the comic book series Savage Starlight. It is the first comic book obtained in the game, received in a cutscene after leaving Bill's Town.


On completing the chapter Bill's Town, Joel and Ellie will drive away, and during the scene that follows, it is revealed that Ellie stole a comic book from Bill while they were at his safehouse.

When the chapter Pittsburgh begins after the cutscene, Force Carrier will automatically be added as a part of your collectibles.


On the back of the book, a blurb summarizes the contents of the comic.

Reluctant to acknowledge Daniela's findings, the Council was forced to accept the ominous reality: a series of supermassive objects were appearing and then disappearing in nearby star systems. The objects were making a sweep and the one that would hit the Sol system within days.

Daniela has been brought on board the Kobyashi, led by Captain James Ryan, to make sure an up-close analysis of whatever threat emerges.

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