The Flamethrower is a weapon in The Last of Us. It belongs to the long gun group.


The Flamethrower appears to be a homemade weapon, as it lacks a certain amount of 'fit and finish' work. The flamethrower's trigger is actually a bicycle brake lever. It has a small red propane tank hooked to the bottom, which is the source of fuel. 

The flamethrower suffers from a limited range. Upgrading range increases its effectiveness and spread to put a greater distance between the targets and the user, reducing the risk of injury or attack.


One is found by Joel in a loading dock at the University of Eastern Colorado, suggesting that it may have been made by a student there. It is highly effective against Infected, and can easily dispose of a Bloater, but without the splash damage of the Molotov Cocktail. The flamethrower is a 1 hit-kill to human enemies, as minor exposure to the flame will incinerate them, rendering them unable to attack before they succumb to the flames.

Joel first finds the flamethrower in the university in what appears to be a garage, then again in a bottom floor just before encountering an area with numerous infected. The placement of the flamethrower is the game's way of suggesting a test run, but fuel is consumed quickly.


In Factions, the flamethrower is available to purchase after the player has collected 4750 supplies. It costs two loadout points and requires 240 parts to purchase. The player starts with 30 fuel, but this can easily be expended quickly. It costs 300 parts to purchase 30 more fuel, and the price rises as you buy more. Despite being the weakest weapon per hit (tied with the Specter) it only takes 10 fuel to execute someone without incinerating them; if any more fuel is sprayed they burst into flames. To reach it's full range, an additional 5 units of fuel is required for sustained fire.

The flamethrower does small bits of damage in quick succession and unlike all other guns (that leave the victim in near-dead state), the flamethrower burns the enemy just like the Molotov Cocktails, meaning that the victim cannot be revived. Again, similarly to Molotovs, if it is fired for long enough at one spot, the ground will catch on fire, dealing slow damage to anyone on it.

Due to its limited range, it is best used in close range combat to surprise enemies as well as being useful to defeat multiple enemies at once, being most effective against anyone who is trying to engage in close combat or players who are trying to revive a downed teammate. The aim is also not massively disoriented by rapid fire guns, like the Full-Auto Rifle or Burst Rifle, so it can secure a kill at close range. It is also effective against the Shotgun and Specter so long as the user is wearing armour.

The Flamethrower is also silent so it works well with a stealth class, perhaps as an alternative to the easy-to-miss Specter but that ultimately comes down to preference; cheaper ammo and instant executions or rapid fire to disorient enemies.

The cheap but effective instant execution of the weapon makes it a popular choice in Survivor matches due to how quickly a player can obtain the parts needed to purchase it and the fact that most players will lack armour our and stronger weapons in the early rounds.


Flamethrower's Damage Output

Damage Output


Firing Rate

Firing Rate

Reload Speed

Reload Speed






Workbench UpgradesEdit

The following is a list of upgrades available for the flamethrower at workbenches, and the parts and level of tools required to upgrade each.

Upgrade Description Level
Parts icon
Tool icon
Reload SpeedAllows you to reload the weapon faster.
RangeIncreases the range of the weapon.
PowerThe weapon deals more damage.


  • The flamethrower is the only weapon belonging to the long gun group that does not fire projectiles.
  • Even though the flamethrower uses propane as fuel, most of the flame that it emits is orange, not blue.


  • The use of the flamethrower in the single player campaign has been known to make the game lock up and freeze at certain points, especially when used on a large group of enemies and with a constant flow of propane.
  • In Factions, a recurring glitch happens that when a player is sprayed with fire, the damage doesn't occur until several seconds after contact. This is probably due the screen desync between players.
  • In Story Mode, it is possible to kill Ellie with the Flamethrower. When caught in the range of Joel's flames, Ellie will die and drop her pistol, which the player can pick up. It is impossible to use the gun though as the game reverts to the last checkpoint shortly after the glitch occurs.



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